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   Chapter 761 Attaining The Shura Force

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After assimilating the Primitive Fighting Force, Darren compressed it into his elixir field.

"What is he doing?"

The phantoms didn't stop Darren, instead, they stopped to watch.

"He is assimilating the Primitive Fighting Force!"

"He's killing himself!"

The phantoms didn't care how Darren assimilated the Primitive Fighting Force. They only knew that whoever possessed both the Primitive Fighting Force and Dark Force at the same time would undoubtedly die.

In no time, Darren had gathered all of the Primitive Fighting Force in his elixir field.

A cyan war spear stood quietly at the right side of his blade core. On the other hand, the black esoteric symbol floated on the left side of the sword core.

In an attempt to keep the Dark Force and Primitive Fighting Force from colliding, Darren called forth the dragon blood aura and the demonic internal force to form a "wall" between the two forces.

"What?" With comically wide eyes, the three phantoms stared at Darren, astonished to find him still safe and sound.


Now that everything was set, Darren needed to focus on the actual combat to obtain the Shura Force.


Darren dashed towards the three phantoms.

"We have to observe this strange outsider. Brother, you go first." Two of them stepped back, and the youngest one of them advanced and started to fight.

The scarlet figure thrust his spear out, viciously collapsing a blood wave as if it was from the hell.

Darren's figure looked like an illusion. His Dark Emperor's armor was covered in black runes forming rings that encased the armor.


He gathered his Dark Force and hit with the back of his palm.

A string of black runes connected to form a spear, rushing towards the blood light.


The stone chamber wasn't damaged, but the ground outside it shook. Countless cracks spread out, giving the illusion that the entire continent was on the verge of collapsing.

"It's amazing that an outsider has such a handle on the Dark Force right after comprehending it." The two phantoms on the side found it incredible.

In reality, the Dark Force's growing strength was all due to the Dark Emperor's armor.

Despite that, Darren was still sent flying backward by the dispersed power of the Shura Force.

He regained his composure, held his sword and blade tightly in his hands, lightened his figure and began flying around like a ray of light.

The thr

ghting Force and Dark Force in his body.

"It took too long to heal."

Darren could feel that both the black symbol and the cyan spear in his elixir field were creating two kinds of forces, but their speed was incredibly slow.

He roughly estimated that if he used the Shura Force as he had used just now, he would need to develop both the black symbol and cyan spear for at least a decade before he could gather enough of the two forces at the same time.

"I'll find a way to improve my cultivating speed. The Shura Force can be used as my trump card in critical moments."

After resting for about two hours, Darren walked out of the cave.

The blue sky was clear, and the air was fresh.

Outside the cave, Nate and Elsa had been waiting for Darren for a long time.

"Darren, are you all right?" Nate asked nervously.

"How could I have come out if something was wrong with me?" Darren smiled.

"So you passed our ancestors' test?"

Darren nodded.

"You are so careless, Darren. Don't just walk into such a dangerous place. What if something happens?" Elsa pouted.

Darren wrapped his arms around Elsa's waist and murmured, "I'm sorry I made you worry, Elsa."

"Yes you did. Remember to ask me to go with you when you do something next time." Elsa scowled, pretending to be angry.

"Okay, we'll do it together." Darren stroked her beautiful hair.

"Good." Elsa leaned her head on Darren's shoulder and smiled sweetly.

"Help! Help! Lord Nate, something happened in the Primitive Mine. Please come and take a look." A member of Nate's clan, covered in blood, rushed over in a hurry and shouted.

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