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   Chapter 755 Resurrection (Part Two)

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The storm cleared the arena of his mind just as if it had been a muddy ground covered in dust. Able to see clearly, Darren spotted a crystal clear hexahedral object in his mind.

Next to the hexahedral object was the strange black stone.

Darren focused on the crystal object for a moment, as he tried to figure out what it was. His brows furrowed for a moment only to be released when he realized it to be an Immortal Crystal!

Now that the object was in his mind, information began entering Darren's brain out of the blue. This knowledge helped him understand what it was.

That was when Darren realized that the object in his mind was beyond his imagination. The rule force he had comprehended was condensed into the object that was similar to the Purple-crystal King's black hexahedral object. And that was an Immortal Crystal!

At this time, Darren's movements balanced with holy momentum.

For a while, Darren continued to stare at the new Immortal Crystal. He had to find a way to enhance its power! Something flashed in his brain as if he recalled a small memory, and his eyes widened. That's right! What he needed was the Destructive Force!

Darren fixed his gaze on the Purple-crystal King as the Destructive Forces started gathering in his body.

The Purple-crystal King seemed to be aware of Darren's gaze. He almost wanted to scream in anger and fear, but he couldn't as the painful waves in his body increased in intensity.

At this time, the Purple-crystal King looked miserable. His Immortal Crystal could not bear the Destructive Forces anymore and was about to explode.

If no one would help him, the Purple-crystal King would soon disappear.

Darren glared at the Purple-crystal King. He knew that it was the right time. "Purple-crystal King, give me your Destructive Forces." His voice was indifferent.

The Purple-crystal King's body swelled to such a degree that it looked ready to burst.

His eyes blurred, and his eyelids nearly dropped. Although weak, the Purple-crystal King could only th

ed when a sudden thought entered his mind. "Even though I have survived once, what about next time?"

Anxiety coursed through Darren as he tried to answer his question. For the moment, the thunder punishment seemed to be endless. There would come a time when his power would be exhausted, and he would die in the thunder repression.

He pursed his lips and started racking his brain. His eyes shone with joy when an idea flashed in his mind. 'It's the punishment of practicing the Rule and Martial Arts Cultivation. I have to separate the two kinds of cultivation for the time being to break through the thunder repression.'

Darren finally knew what to do.


The divine thunder descended again, and the terrifying whirlpool seemed to destroy everything in the world.

The Purple-crystal King retracted his black hexahedral object as he was also terrified of this thunder repression. If he forcefully resisted it, he would lose his Immortal Crystal.

Just as the destructive divine thunder was about to reach Darren's head, his facial muscles tightened. What he was about to do would perhaps send an ocean of intense pain through his body and soul. His face contorted at the thought, but he still fixed a calm appearance on the surface.

"Soul, break!"

Darren formed a destructive blade in his mind and directed it at his own soul.

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