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   Chapter 751 The Ultimate Battle Between Kirk And The Purple-crystal King

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"Sir, do you mean the whole Purple-crystal Continent was a creature?" Elsa was shocked too.

Kirk took a deep breath, looked into the void, and nodded.

"It is very likely that the birth of the Purple-crystal King is the extension of that corpse," Kirk added.

"The depths of the void are too mysterious." Darren sighed, full of yearning.

"Darren, you have inherited dragon blood in your body along with another aura that is completely against the dragon race. How did you manage to make this work?" asked Kirk, unable to hide his wonder. He had detected Darren's aura and figured this out.

"Honestly speaking, it is a pure coincidence. I had gained them both by accident. After suffering a lot, I managed to make them reach this balanced state."

Kirk nodded listening to Darren's explanation.

"Don't worry about it. I know you have great potential. By the way, have you comprehended the inheritance skill of the Dragon Blood Clan?"

"Yes, but I am not very skilled at it. I know it is a shame. But truth be told, I can only divide eight avatars now."

Actually, Darren now had better ability to comprehend the inheritance skill. However, he didn't put much effort to improve and practice it.

"Oh, the number of avatars is too small! The inheritance skill of the Dragon Blood Clan is very powerful. I advise you to make good use of it. Wait, I have a plan! How about you relax your soul and let me guide you to comprehend further into it? This method will help you improve a little faster," Kirk suggested.

Hearing this, Darren became curious. "Do you think that will help?"

"Of course. Don't resist and I will transfer my aura of the dragon blood into your body."

After saying so, a pure aura of the dragon blood had reached into Darren's meridians.

Then, Darren's eyes turned silver. His eyes were full of rule silk threads.

Darren easily found the Avatar Rule in the chaotic and complicated rule world and then went ahead to communicate with it.

"Wow, it's so easy."

In an instant, Darren had managed to comprehend and refine a huge amount of Avatar Rules.

Both of them remained silent for about two months.

"Haha, it went so smoothly this time. If it weren't for the fact that my dragon blood hadn't grown strong enough, I would be able to keep on comprehending," Darren said with joy after he woke from the meditation.

"You're doing quite well. Your dragon blood is pretty pure, but it hasn't been developed yet. It shouldn't be difficult to divide eight hundred avatars when your comprehension has reached such a degree," said Kirk, n

the battlefield.

A dragon's roar resounded through the sky and Kirk began to fly out of the ground.

A huge dragon, tens of thousands of feet long, passed through the air, making people want to surrender to it.


In a blink of an eye, he came towards the Purple-crystal King.

His dragon claws, like many black stars, fell onto the Purple-crystal King's body.

The Purple-crystal King was blasted away, tumbling down from the sky and destroying dozens of purple-crystal mountains in the process.

Everything in this area was destroyed. If someone saw this place, they would have assumed that it had experienced countless vicissitudes of life.


Kirk dashed to the Purple-crystal King.


The Purple-crystal King looked cruel. The next moment, the purple light on his body became brighter and streaks of rule light descended from the depth of the void.

"It's so terrifying. How could he activate the power of heaven and earth so easily?"

"That seems to be devastating!"

The horrifying aura made Darren's heart tremble.

With a towering figure, Kirk stared at the Purple-crystal King coldly.

The next moment, the dragon body was divided into two avatars. In a blink of an eye, it turned into four avatars.

The sky was getting darker and darker under the shadow of those giant dragons.

"Tens of thousands of avatars!"

Feeling the powerful aura, Darren and Elsa felt suffocated. If it wasn't for the special protection of the purple-crystal platform, they might have been suppressed into ashes.

"This should be the ultimate battle."

Darren protected Elsa from being hurt. Wanting to see how this battle would turn out, he kept his eyes firmly glued to the sky.

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