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   Chapter 748 Keep Moving On

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The comprehension of the fifth kind of sword intent was completed, and Darren sighed in relief. He had finally moved on to attempt the next step that was to fuse them.

Darren's eyebrows furrowed, remembering how painful the process of fusing the sword intents had been for cultivators. He didn't want to experience it again.

Darren pressed his lips in a thin line when he thought of his strength. He wasn't powerful enough, and the fusion process was the pathway to becoming strong. He had no choice but to endure the pain to become more powerful.

After deciding on it, he gathered all his strength to suppress the sword core in his elixir field.

Every time his ultimate strength hit the sword core, a wave of pain would spread all across his limbs, making him tremble violently. Darren would just grit his teeth and endure it all without groaning even for a second.


After several hours in a row, Darren's sword core began to shatter, covered with spider web like cracks.

In the next step, he had to force the fifth kind of sword intent that he had comprehended into his core.

Darren was familiar with this step, but he got into trouble this time.

It was impossible for the new sword intent he had just comprehended to insert into the cracks. It was full of countless tiny crystals in it.

'Damn it! The size of my sword core is fixed. I have filled it with the first four sword intents. No matter where it cracks, the fifth sword intent can't be secured in it.'

His eyebrows snapped together in worry. He had a feeling that his method of fusion would fail.

'No wonder from ancient times until now, no one has tried this simple solution.'

At the thought of this, Darren knew that the things were not as simple as he imagined.

The sword core had its limit. Once it was filled, it could not hold any more sword intents.

Darren had only fused four kinds of sword intent, and he could not practice anymore. How could it be possible for him to have eighteen thousand types of sword intent integrated?

"I underestimated it." Darren's mouth twitched into a bitter smile.

He paused for a moment before doing anything else. His mind was trying to find a solution so that he could upgrade his strength. He kept rejecting ideas in his head until he came across a unique method. 'Since I can't fuse anymore, how about I try to upgrade the current four sword intents to the extreme?'

Darren hesitated for a moment before giving up on his original plan to merge 18, 000 kinds of sword intent. If he could upgrade the current sword intent into the extreme, it would also be a boost in his strength.

That was the only way for Darren to improve his strength.

Darren looked inside his body only to start the process of compression before he could hesitate more.

The integrated sword intent became a set of perfect sword moves in his mind, and he repeated again.

The process had been too slow, and it took ten years for Darren to go anywhere near success.

By the time Darren had nearly upgraded his sword intent, the energy inside his body had started leaking out.

On this day, Darren opened his eyes. Unlimited energy of sword intent was surging in his eyes.

The whole cave had tur

one is allowed to enter there without my permission, so you don't have to be afraid."

"Okay." Aaron nodded and entered the Ancient Void Battlefield.

Darren turned toward the girl beside him. "Elsa, let's go. We should get out of here." He thought he would continue to improve his strength later. For now, Darren would have to give up.

"It just so happens that I can't improve my strength. Let's go out to have a look."

Outside, the area was still covered by the purple mist, which made Darren's Spirit Power hard to spread.

When Darren didn't say anything else, Elsa turned toward him. "Darren, I guess that purple-crystal snake didn't chase us anymore, right?"

Darren looked at her from the corner of his eyes. "We can't be sure. But with our current strength, even if we meet him, we still have a chance to escape." Darren paused for a moment only to stare at the scene in front of him intently. "Since we are already here, let's go deep to find out what's in here."

He was curious about the transparent wall outside. Darren didn't know why there was a dragon breath there, so he wanted to know what was happening.

"Okay, I'll follow you."

After mutual agreement, Darren and Elsa walked towards the increasingly oppressive region.

They had walked several hundred kilometers, and that was when Darren and Elsa found out that everything in front of them was filled with clear purple crystals. Judging from their level, it was almost like the level of the purple-crystal snake.

"Let's collect them."

Darren collected a large number of best level purple crystals and put them into his Space Ring.

When they had collected almost ten thousand tons of crystals, Darren stopped. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked around, holding Elsa's arm.


Elsa was stunned after seeing a cautious look on Darren's face.

"What's wrong?" She continued to slip a confused gaze at him for a while.

"Something's been going on here. This place might be more dangerous than we had previously imagined." Darren's Spirit Power was unable to explore the area in front of him. He had an ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach.

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