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   Chapter 747 Those Days Of Cultivation

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The immense force attached to the purple-crystal snake's tail forcibly split the space and remarkably left a black crevice.

Shortly after mobilizing his dragon blood aura and demonic internal force at the same time, Darren let out an angry roar.

Darren was on full alert though he didn't think he could withstand the blow. He mulled over the thought of his body splitting in half like what the purple-crystal snake claimed.

Just when the powerful snake tail was about to hit Darren's body, a figure, who was silently observing at the side, acted immediately and appeared in front of him. He seemed to shield Darren from the attack.


The figure was directly shattered, with blood and flesh spattering around.

"Aaron!" Elsa, who was cautiously standing beside them, screamed instinctively.

"Don't worry. Aaron possesses an Eternal Body. Hurry up, let's go to the master," the Water Kylin urged hastily.

After the purple-crystal snake's tail smashed Aaron into pieces, its strength declined by half. And it wouldn't be so terrifying if it tried to hit Darren again.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Both the Water Kylin and Elsa didn't waste another second and rushed towards Darren.

Then moments later, Aaron had rebuilt his body as if nothing had happened. When his gaze landed on Darren, he approached him.


Everyone heard a sudden booming sound when Darren swept his dragon tail again, knocking a big hole in the broken, transparent wall.

And in no time, Darren and the others swiftly jumped into the hole.

"Damn it!"

Their actions were taken within less than a second. And even the purple-crystal snake didn't have the time to react.

When he attempted to kill Darren again, their figures had already disappeared in the purple mist behind them.

"Get him!"

The purple-crystal snake dared not step into the ancestral place, so he yelled an order to the small purple-crystal men to chase after them.

"Squeak! Squeak! Squeak."

The little purple-crystal men turned very excited as they scented and marked Darren's breath as well as that of the others. Then they chased after them.

"They are chasing us!" the Water Kylin roared.

Several small purple-crystal men moved so fast and soon caught up with them. Their speed was indeed notable.

"Kill them!"

Darren transformed back into his human form in an instant while holding a piece of first-class purple crystal in his hand. With his figure flashing out, Darren smashed the head of a small purple-crystal man.

However, more and more purple-crystal men came up one after another at an accelerated speed, and that gave them a hard time.

"They are so fast!" one of them exclaimed, feeling agitated.

"Wait a minute! It's not that they are fast, but that we are sluggish!" another from the group blurted out.

By this time, Darren realized that their bodies were getting heavier and heav

ned high praise from everyone. When they got inside the cave, they were all amazed as there were several rooms designed exquisitely.

"Now, let's start to cultivate," Darren prompted.

"Then I'll go to that room and leave you alone," the Water Kylin countered and left first in a hurried manner.

"Darren, I'm going to practice now," Aaron said.

Darren and Elsa then chose a room across them and started to cultivate together.

With all of them engrossed in their cultivation, time flew without them realizing it. Ten years had passed in the twinkling of an eye.

During the past ten years, Darren had been practicing the sword and blade intents in his mind, trying his best to comprehend their very nature.

He adopted an arduous path to integrate the blade and sword intents. Though his future was unknown, once he succeeded, he would be unprecedentedly powerful.

"My strength will level up a notch higher than the previous one, if I fuse one more sword intent."

Darren decided to add another sword intent into what he already had after careful consideration.

But Darren's blade intent was still at the original level, as he had yet to fuse any more kinds of blade intents.

"The imbalance is the scourge of my defect in power. After integrating another sword intent, I should give first priority to cultivate my blade intent." Darren made up his mind secretly.

Darren had already deduced the fifth kind of sword intent over those years of wandering in the space turbulent flows. Therefore the last challenge was comprehension and fusion.

"This kind of sword intent is overbearing and keen. It's not easy to be well versed in it."

Darren then indulged himself in the cultivation, and practiced in his mind.

The complex sword tracks gradually perfected, and a strong stream of sword power burst out one day fifteen years later.

Darren had practiced this sword intent close to the extreme level.

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