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   Chapter 745 No Way Out

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The purple-crystal mountains continued to collapse, leaving behind the debris of the purple crystals. The stones began to fly towards Darren and the others like shooting stars.

"Master, let me cook his goose."

The Water Kylin, carrying a purple crystal, flew towards the huge snake.

In front of the huge purple-crystal snake, the Water Kylin looked as tiny as a mosquito.


The Water Kylin shot out the high-degree purple crystal towards the head of the huge purple-crystal snake.

However, as soon as the purple crystal hit the snake's head, the crystal was smashed into a million pieces.

"It didn't work. This purple-crystal snake is made up of higher-degree purple crystals," Darren said and let out a disappointed frown.

Suddenly, the purple-crystal snake wriggled its body with extreme speed, immediately throwing the Water Kylin against a big purple-crystal mountain.

"It really hurts!"

The Water Kylin fell onto the ground and felt his bones break into pieces.

Darren realized that they couldn't kill this giant snake without a higher-grade purple-crystal weapon. Under the dire situation, they only had one choice; to run away.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

They flew swiftly towards the direction which was filled with purple mist.

"I could sense a strong trace of a soul in this giant purple-crystal snake. So it's obvious that there is no green-skinned man in his body," Darren said while flying.

"Darren, if you are sure he has a soul, why don't you attempt soul attack?" Elsa suggested as soon as this thought popped into her head.

"But I am afraid his soul is extremely powerful. If my hunch is right, then chances are that my attack won't work. In the face of such a powerful soul, I will be defeated easily even if I use the black flame attack," Darren replied with bitter disappointment.

"Then we have no choice but to escape." The Water Kylin winced in pain.

They flew for about thousands of kilometers, with the huge purple-crystal snake behind them in hot pursuit.

"Fortunately, he is too giant, hence he can't move fast enough to catch up with us. Had he been small, we would have been caught by him a long time ago," said the Water Kylin, extremely grateful for these small mercies.

As he stopped speaking, they suddenly realized the deafening sound of the crumbling mountains was gradually fading away.

Darren and the others looked behind and saw the huge purple-crystal snake was shrinking slowly. In a matter of seconds, his body shortened to only tens of thousands of f

about it, Darren had finally come up with a plausible plan. He waited for their reaction after he delivered this message to the rest.

"No, this purple-crystal snake is quite powerful. It'll be very dangerous for you to draw him away," Elsa objected, not wanting anything bad to happen to Darren.

"Master, I'll lead him away. You three just run away!" The Water Kylin sent out a message.

"No, you go with Elsa and protect her if she is ever in danger, do you understand?

As for Aaron, he can stay and help me since he has obtained the Eternal Body," Darren spoke using his spiritual sense.

"Darren, why should we be separated? Instead, we could all go inside." Aaron pointed to the dark purple fog.

"Go inside? There is a transparent wall around. We can't get through it," Darren replied.

"How about you transform yourself into a dragon? I think you can help us pass through the wall if you became a dragon," Aaron said affirmatively.

"What? Are you sure of it?"

Darren couldn't take any risk. If he suddenly turned into a dragon, he might irritate the purple-crystal snake. And perhaps the purple-crystal snake would attack them immediately.

"I don't know. I have a strong feeling that the aura on the wall is similar to that of yours when you turn into a dragon." Aaron's eyes darkened. The wall in his eyes was not transparent, but an olive-black power shield.

"Why can't I see it then?" Darren asked, still not convinced. If the transparent wall really had such aura, he should have sensed it as soon as he got here.

"You can't sense it because there is a very thin layer of purple crystal outside the wall," Aaron explained after having observed the wall carefully.

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