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   Chapter 744 To Kill Or To Flee

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Puffs of purple smoke covered the sky as the mountain shook.

Using his Spirit Power, Darren was able to deduce that the mountain was actually a living creature with soul.

Suddenly a roar echoed through the air.

It shocked Darren and the rest.

Three figures wearing purple-crystal armors rushed into the purple mist.

They were the three princes from the Purple-crystal Continent. For some reason they were crawling on their knees in front of the huge mountain.

"My Lord, please kill the powerful living beings who have intruded into the continent and tried to steal the purple crystals."

All three crawled on the ground in awe, holding their breath in fear of offending the Holy Beast.

Another roar sounded.

Only this time when they looked, it turned out the mountain wasn't a mountain. A snake-shaped body unveiled itself and lifted its head.

"Humble race. Delicious soul. I want to swallow them whole."

The purple-crystal snake, hundreds of kilometers long, could actually speak.

Hearing the rumbling sound, Darren and the rest couldn't understand what it was saying, but they got a very eerie and dangerous vibe from it.


Darren wasn't about to wait and find out what it was saying, he rushed deep into the continent with Elsa.

The Water Kylin and Aaron followed closely behind.

"My king, please don't abandon us."

"My king, help us!"

Watching Darren flee, the aliens on the purple-crystal ship shouted in desperation.

"Don't resist. Save your lives. I promise I will come back and take you away!" Darren replied through his spiritual sense.

If Darren decided to bring these weak aliens with him, none of them would actually make it. Such a decision would be unnecessarily stupid.

Watching Darren and the others' figures disappear, the group of aliens was in complete despair.

"He abandoned us..."

"He will come back!" The beautiful girl with wings firmly looked at where Darren had disappeared.

"Stop dreaming. He won't risk his life again for us."

Darren and his companions flew all the way and finally landed in a valley.

"You want to escape?"

The three green-skinned men wearing purple-crystal armors suddenly appeared in front of Darren and Elsa.

It seemed that they had created count


The three green-skinned princes caught up with Darren and the others through the secret passage.

"Humph, as long as we can keep them here for a while, the Holy Beast will be here." They blocked Darren's way.

The three green-skinned men launched an attack in a flash.

They drew their purple-crystal swords all ready to kill Darren and the others.


A purple crystal was shot at a green-skinned man at an extremely high speed.


The purple crystal hit him, making him fall backwards uncontrollably and some cobweb-like cracks appeared on his armor.

"It worked."

"Kill him!"

Darren and his companions held purple crystal weapons in their hands.

"They can break through our defense. What should we do?" one of the green-skinned princes said in horror.

"What else can we do? Run!"

Now it was the three princes' turn to run away.

"Kill them!"

Darren's figure flashed and blocked one of the green-skinned princes.


The sharp purple crystal in his hand pierced one of their armors.

He then flew up, spun several hundred circles around his body, and kicked the end of the sharp purple crystal.


The purple crystal pierced into the green-skinned prince's armor, and the prince fell to the ground.

Elsa and her companions followed suit as the two remaining princes were also pierced to death.


After all the three green-skinned princes were killed, the huge snake finally appeared and rushed towards Darren and the others.

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