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   Chapter 741 The Arrival (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-24 00:12

The purple-crystal ship skidded towards the other end of space turbulent flows while flowing itself at a great speed.

"Milo, how much longer will it take for us to reach the Purple-crystal Continent?" Darren inquired as he furrowed his brows and stared out into the sea.

Milo was none other than one of the formerly imprisoned alien creatures whom Darren had requested to master the green-skinned men's language and their skill of steering boats so he could lead them to their destination.

"It will take us about ten years, give or take.

But my king, won't we just be putting ourselves in grave danger on our way to the Purple-crystal Continent? I was told by them that this purple-crystal ship is just one of the small boats that they have throughout the entire continent. They usually use bigger boats compared to this," Milo asked in concern, the worried frown on his face decorating his words.

"No need to worry. Elsa and I are capable and strong enough to fight through the dangers that may lay ahead. Let's collect more purple crystals for the time being so we can make more of these purple-crystal ships that should allow you to get home safely," Darren concluded.

"That's a great idea!" Milo agreed and nodded his head, his eyes gleaming with expectations at the thought of going back to his home after years of thinking how he'd stay there for the rest of his life.

They marched on. The huge purple-crystal ship glided its way towards the destination for ten years and during this period of time, having nothing else to do, Darren and Elsa continued cultivating their skills.

One day, Milo came rushing to the bow of the ship and reported the situation to them with vivid delight.

"Darren, we have finally arrived! Please look over there!" he cried, pointing to the direction of the place.

They looked out, and found that they had already passed the margin of the space turbulent flows. Ahe

hit him hard, enough for him to take a step back. After several rounds of collisions, Darren had a clear acknowledgement of their strength.

'They are comparable to the top level cultivator of the seven-star Grand Realm. These ones are not bad, ' Darren pondered while his hands were busy with the fight going on around him. A faint smile tugged on his lips. His quick mind went over all the seven-star grand warriors he knew of and much to his surprise, he found it difficult to name a man who could be a match for him in terms of strength.

He thought that if he must name one, then Mr. Hanson Xiao and Mr. Mathew Xiao would be the only two masters who could earn his respect and awe. The others, mighty and powerful as they were, still could not compete against Darren.


Darren swung his sword and chopped down at those green-skinned men in mere seconds, not wasting any energy on those who were too stubborn to back down. In an instant, the group of green-skinned men were thrown into the air by the force and were shot towards the continent in the far distance as fast as shooting stars from the sky.

However, it was only a matter of time before they flew back, unscathed as if they weren't thrown hundreds of thousands of kilometers away a few seconds ago.

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