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   Chapter 740 Take Control Of The Purple-crystal Ship

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"Escape..." the woman with wings on her back murmured.

Then, she shook her head. With a bitter smile, she said, "It's impossible for us to escape. Even if you are stronger than them, you can't open the door of this dungeon."

Every creature imprisoned here had tried to escape, but this door had been the biggest obstacle to them.

"Are you saying that those green-skinned creatures haven't allowed you to leave this dungeon for thousands of years?"

Darren couldn't figure out why those green-skinned creatures had caught so many aborigines and kept them here. Was their purpose just to detain the aborigines?

"Do you know what their purpose is for arresting people?" Darren continued.

"I don't know." The woman shook her head.

If they could not open the door of the dungeon, Darren's power wouldn't matter. He would not be able to help them, either.

"Darren, did you find any answers?" Elsa asked.

Darren shook his head and said, "They have been imprisoned for many years. But, they don't know why the green-skinned men have done this."

"Don't worry. We might find a way to escape once we've recovered our strength." Elsa tried giving Darren some hope.

"It seems as though no one has been able to force the door open from the inside. We have to find a way to compel the green-skinned men to open the door," Darren stated. A second later, an idea flashed through his mind.

"Force them to open it? But how?" Elsa asked. Confusion reflected in her expression as she glanced at Darren.

"I'm not sure yet. Let me think for a bit."

Then Darren dusted the spot next to Elsa and sat down.

Time went by. Three years passed in the blink of an eye. The cave still looked the same.

During these three years, Darren practiced the blade and sword skills engraved in his mind. Not only had his strength recovered, but it had enhanced a little bit.

"We can't wait any longer," Darren abruptly said as he opened his eyes.

Elsa woke as well.

"Elsa, have you recovered now?"

"I have, yes." Elsa nodded.

"Let's attack the door together. If we make a loud enough noise, maybe they will come to check. That will be our chance."

"Okay." Elsa nodded.

"All of you hide behind that purple crystal," Darren instructed as he pointed at a purple crystal.

The creatures obediently lowered their heads and walked behind the purple crystal.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Darren and Elsa gathered their strength and bombarded the door. The impact of their attacks s

ordered one of the aliens.

"My king." The alien crawled on the ground and waited for Darren's instruction.

"Find a green-skinned man and learn their language. Do you think that three years is sufficient time to accomplish this?"

Darren could not use his soul power to learn the language of the green-skinned men. So, he asked the aliens to do it.

"My King, I can accomplish it in three months."

"Okay, you can go."

When three months passed, the alien creature had not only learned the language of the green-skinned creatures, but he also knew everything about the purple-crystal ship.

These green-skinned men came from Purple crystal Continent that was covered in purple crystals.

The green-skinned men relied on the purple crystals to roam through space, capture the people who entered, and rob the resources of the other alien races.

Every one hundred thousand years, they would send the captives to their continent so that they would dig in the purple crystal mine.

"You, learn how to control their ship. Come find me when you're done," Darren ordered the alien.

"Yes." The alien creature was very happy to be under Darren's command.

"Darren, after he grasps the ship controlling skills, let's leave and find Nate. You know, his hometown has the Primitive Ores you need," Elsa suggested.

"Don't worry. I am not that close to breaking through to the Holy Realm. Perhaps we should explore the Purple-crystal Continent first."

Darren thought that if he could acquire the purple crystals, he might be able to create a super purple-crystal ship. In this case, he might be able to travel to deeper space turbulent flows.

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