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   Chapter 738 Traveling Across The Space Turbulent Flows

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"Really?" Elsa grinned.

"Well, we still have a purple-crystal cabin to be fixed to the ship, which happens to have the ability to accommodate one person," the disciple explained in a calm tone.

That made Elsa excited to death. "Great! Let's go!" Elsa clapped her hands together.

"You look so happy." Lord Donald smiled faintly and turned to the other man standing beside Elsa. "Darren, you must be careful when you go there. The space turbulent flows are very dangerous, and you may come across marauding bandits at any time."

"Got it. Let's go."

Darren knew that Nate must have been out of patience. After all, the members of his clan had been dead for many days.

Darren didn't say anything and followed the disciple to a purely white space, where a purple ship stood in a serene environment.

They stepped on the purple-crystal ship after the disciple narrated the rules.

"Darren, I will stay in this small cabin, and you and Miss Elsa will stay in the boat." Nate entered the cabin and popped his head out only to speak in a gentle tone.

Darren's mouth slowly curved up at that, but he didn't say anything. After the disciple finished setting the route, they prepared to go.

"Darren, it will take you three years to get there. It can be kind of boring." The disciple slipped an apologetic smile toward Darren.

Darren waved his hand. "It doesn't matter. Three years is not a long time." In fact, for Darren, three years with Elsa on a boat wouldn't be enough.

"Okay, then I'll start the ship. Have a nice trip.

By the way, I have a small request. If you were to see some purple crystals, please do your best to get some for us. Our purple-crystal ships are not enough."

"No problem. I'll do it if I have a chance."


The purple-crystal ship started to quiver, causing the space to ripple. Then the boat submerged in it.

In the black space, there were ferocious lightning everywhere, and countless terrifying black vortexes.

Even though Darren and Elsa were on the boat, they all felt the devastating power that had been enough to make them tremble.

"The purple-crystal ship is tough. It could even survive the turbulence in such strong space turbulent flows." Darren's eyes lit up when he observed the extreme power the boat they were riding.

"Yes, it's so terrible outside. If we went in the turbulent flow, we would have been torn to pieces." Elsa was also surprised. All of them continued to travel. The scenery started to change when something caught Elsa's eyes. Her eyes stared at the scene, and she started poking Darren.

"Darren, look!" Elsa pointed at the scene before her eyes. "It's so beautiful. I have never seen such color before." It was a scene of space showing off a unique scenery mixed with multiple colored lights.

"Yes, it is." Darren nodded with a smile.

Time flew by. It had already been two and


When Darren heard this, his heart trembled. Elsa ended up saying the exact words that swirled in his heart.

"Elsa..." Darren brought her closer and kissed her forehead.


The purple-crystal ship shook violently in the space. It was like thunder exploding in the boat, which made Darren and Elsa feel dizzy.

Just as they thought the worst was gone, Darren's eyes caught something. "What is that?"

When their ship was drawn into the windstorm, Darren looked closely at it.

He saw a huge purple-crystal ship with a width of three kilometers in front of them.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

A group of arrows with individual ropes shot towards Darren's purple-crystal ship. After fastening the purple-crystal boat, many black shadows on the huge ship began to pull the ropes.

"I see. It was these creatures on the big ship that deviated our boat from the original route," Darren understood at once and said to Elsa. Elsa frowned at the scene.

"Are these the bandits that Lord Donald mentioned before we set out?"

Darren narrowed his eyes and stayed silent for a moment. "I suppose so. If it is a real space windstorm, we will surely die. That's good. At least we won't die at once." Darren's tensed face slightly relaxed, seeing that he could find time to have an escape.

"Yay, yay!"

The creatures on the huge ship began to roar, preparing to collect their spoils.

Even though Darren could stay calm in such a situation, Elsa couldn't help but be worried. "But those creatures must be not easy to deal with since they could have such a large purple-crystal ship and roam in the space turbulent flows." She threw a concerned gaze at him.

"Let's get to know more about the situation first and don't fight in the first place," Darren nodded and said.

Soon, Darren and Elsa's purple-crystal ship was already close to the giant ship. The creatures on the boat then pulled them up.

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