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Seeing that both Darren and Elsa paled with surprised expressions on their faces, Lord Donald said with a faint smile, "Don't be scared by his title. In fact, he is only in the Holy Realm. As to how far he has reached, that shall be confirmed further."

"Oh, I see. I assumed before that there was a holy emperor in the demonic monster race." Darren nodded, eased himself, and let out a sigh.

"My Lord, since there is such a powerful person in the demonic monster race and the race is known to have deep hostility towards us human race, why do they still stay in a remote place without attacking the human cities?" asked Elsa. The thought came through her as they were worried about the threat brought about by the demonic monster race.

Startled by such imploring from Elsa, Lord Donald meditated for a moment and replied, "Lothlann Continent is not that simple as what you think. Not one in the human race nor the demonic monster race could destroy the races that have been passed down since ancient times. Perhaps, even the legendary Barnes the Holy wouldn't be able to make it."

Lord Donald used the example of Barnes the Holy for two reasons. One was that his combat power was at the holy emperor level, and the other was that the time of his coming, which was quite close to now.

However, as Lord Donald perceived it, even Barnes the Holy, the most potent cultivator of an era, couldn't destroy a long-existing race, let alone the so called Roc Demon Emperor.

"All in all, whether the demonic monster or the human race it might be, both races are diverse and dynamic in their own ways. Those without any profound background and rich history would never have survived to this day because they would have long been wiped out in the flood of history." A serious look was drawn upon Lord Donald's face as he stressed out those true and inevitable facts.

Hearing those remarks, Darren thought that Lord Donald sounded reasonable. In this world where natural selection was ensured, those weak races wouldn't have existed for millions of years—they should have been eliminated.

"The Roc Demon Emperor is talented, just like Mathew and Hanson. Since he had never been through any disasters, he must be more powerful than the two masters now," Darren retorted out of his curiosity.

"That's for sure. Although the two Xiaos are gifted, unlike the Roc Demon Emperor, they have suffered too much. That would result in their strength being naturally much inferior. On the contrary, the demon emperor must have been improving his strength smoothly all these years. But as long as the two Xiaos are alive, it's only a matter of time for them to cultivate and catch up with the Roc Demon Emperor," responded Lord Donald momentarily.

"How is that possible? The way I see it, although Mr. Mathew and Hanson Xiao are gifted, the demon emperor has practiced for thousands of years more than they have. How can the two seniors catch up with the demonic monster easily?" Elsa asked in confusion. All this time, Elsa had that keen observation and had looked at things differently.

"Haha, everyone has his bottleneck in the martial arts

purple-crystal ship is 3000 distorted kilometers, and the ship can only accommodate no more than two people. Otherwise, it'll be in danger of collapse," cleared out Lord Donald.

"If so, then why could those brutal Cross Expeditionary Force get to Nate's hometown in large numbers?" Elsa blurted out another confusing question.

"They had conquered a small continent full of supreme purple crystals a few years ago. The purple crystals they obtained far exceed those of the Sacred Palace in both quality and quantity. With that, they created ten super large purple-crystal ships. The ships could transmit three thousand people at one time to and can travel up to nine thousand distorted kilometers away," Lord Donald said helplessly, his shoulders slumped as he narrated the fact.

"Then how did you get here, Nate? Did they take you here using that purple crystal ship?" Elsa was still unwilling to give up because she knew that if the ship could only hold two people, Darren would definitely let her stay.

"Yes. Those devils thought I was strong and wanted to take me back to be their permanent slave. After arriving here, I managed to kill two guards and escaped. Then I met you before I was captured," Nate nodded, which in turn disheartened Elsa. Nate's confirmation would only mean one thing, she would be left, and Darren would go with Nate.

"My Lord, please find another purple-crystal ship," Elsa pouted and pleaded Lord Donald at once. Her determination to go with Darren caused her to be persistent.

"Pretty girl, we have sent all the hundred purple-crystal ships out, and only the smallest one is left. There's no other option." Relaying the sad news to Elsa, Lord Donald shook his head.

"Elsa, would you like to stay at the Sacred Palace and wait for me? I will come back right after I send Nate back, okay?" Darren consoled her.

"No! I want to go there!" Elsa shouted angrily, showing her child-like behavior.

"My Lord, if Miss Elsa insists on going, there is still a way," interrupted the disciple who was responsible for exploring the Aborigines World.

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