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   Chapter 736 A Dragon, Two Xiaos, And Three Demons

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Updated: 2020-03-22 11:46

Three law enforcers attempted to violently attack the mountain-like divine spear.

But to their surprise, all of them seemed to have completely missed the target. The divine spear's shadow had dispersed completely.

The sight that met them next was truly terrifying. A bloody body dropped from the sky.

One law enforcer had the presence of mind to catch it before it reached the ground.

"It's Darren!"

"This lad doesn't know when to give up, we should have just joined the battle earlier when we had the chance."

The three law enforcers helped catch Darren and break his fall.

"I've killed your top talent. Even if I die today, I'll have no regrets." The general, now covered head to toe in blood, let out a hysterical laugh. He was certain that Darren had taken his last breath and was no longer among the living.

"Slash him!" Lord Donald roared coldly. A law enforcer flew towards the general ready to thrust his spear at his head.

But before the general died, he caught sight of the bloody figure standing up suddenly and staring daggers at him.

"He isn't dead! No!" the golden-armored general roared with dismay.


The spear pierced through his head, dropping him to the ground.

Even with the state he was in, Darren hadn't forgotten to assimilate the general's martial arts talent.

On the other side of the hall, the other golden-armored general went mad and started to ferociously attack Elsa.

Elsa was gradually losing the fight, her abilities no longer able to serve her and help her defend herself.

"Quick, go help Elsa out!" Lord Donald ordered. A law enforcer was fast to obey. He flew towards her with his spear in hand.

"Go to hell!" The remaining general suddenly shot out a spear the size of an embroidery needle, aiming it at Elsa's head.

Elsa's eyes widened; she hadn't expected that move and with the speed it was coming at her in, there was no room to dodge. Before she could process it, the spear was perched between her eyebrows.

Everyone down there was horrified, especially Darren. He rushed into the air despite his serious injuries.

"It's too late, young man. You must watch your beloved die," the general shouted loudly.

"You want to kill me, but I won't let you have your way!" The general's body turned red, a telltale sign that he was going to commit suicide by exploding the Holy Will.


A sword intent shot from the middle of Elsa's brows.

It was full of murderous intent that it shocked everyone present.

It was the most primitive killing intent anyone had seen, one that couldn't be emitted by any ordinary person.

"Killing sword intent!" Lord Donald roared gasped in surprise.

He kne

finally calmed down.

"A long time ago, there were notoriously famous figures in our world. Together, they were referred to as one dragon, two Xiaos and three demons. I thought only one of the three famous demons was still alive to this day. But I'm glad to know the two Xiaos are too," Lord Donald sighed.

"I know who the two Xiaos are, but who are the dragon and three demons?" Darren asked perplexed.

"If they can be on par with Mr. Mathew and Mr. Hanson Xiao, they must be rare prodigies as well. I guess the dragon belonged to the Dragon Blood Clan. Am I right, Lord Donald?" Elsa said.

"You're smart, Elsa. Darren, there's no way you can catch up to her." Lord Donald smiled and continued, "There is a dragon that's indeed the genius of the Dragon Blood Clan. His name is Kirk Ao, the first prodigy born to the Dragon Blood Clan in nearly a hundred thousand years. He was able to turn into a ten thousand feet dragon at the age of eighteen and behead a holy warrior with ease. Ever since he was young, he was known all over the continent.

Unfortunately, he disappeared when he was 19 years old. It is said that he was suppressed by a senior holy warrior. I don't know if it is true.

The three demons are all from the demonic monster race and come from a very powerful bloodline. They were believed to be on their way to becoming emperors, but unfortunately two of them died. Now, only one more remains," Lord Donald explained.

"The last big demon should be very terrifying after thousands of years of cultivation, right?" Darren inquired.

"That's definitely true. That big demon was originally a roc. It's now in charge of the entire demonic monster race, and people refer to it as the Roc Demon Emperor."

"Roc Demon Emperor?" Darren and Elsa both asked in surprise.

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