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   Chapter 735 Kill The General

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The two generals of the Cross Expeditionary Force were a bit injured, but their combat power was three times stronger after taking the pills.

Two spears in the hands of the generals started burning up, and a brilliant light spread in all directions. It was so bright that anyone gazing at it directly would squint their eyes in pain.


Their two spears' power surged and turned into shadows, attacking Darren directly. He was surrounded by the shadows, and it was difficult for him to escape. His furrowed eyebrows and his slightly squinted eyes continued to scan through the spears' power.

Elsa's heart jumped in the middle of her throat when she saw that Darren was surrounded by the spears' shadows.

That was when she noticed the tremendous shaking of the shadows.

Streams of tremendous sword intent condensed into ten thousand sharp swords that flew to all directions.


The whole Sacred Palace started shaking because of the powerful energy. The scattered energy charged at everyone present.

A splendid light penetrated the sky because of the presence of powerful energy in the environment that slowly increased its brightness and dissipated after a moment.

Elsa's nervous gaze shot at the attack made at them, and she started to scatter in a different direction with others.

As long as Darren was safe after this blow, the rest of the law enforcers could go forward and attack the two generals.

"So powerful!"

The law enforcer who was close to the scene saw the result of the collision, and his eyes widened.

Darren stood firmly in the air while the two golden-armored generals were covered in blood, and their arms kept trembling.

That one blow didn't hurt Darren. On the contrary, the two generals were severely injured.

"Ha-ha." Lord Donald's eyes lit up when he saw there wasn't even a scratch on Darren's body. "I have underestimated Darren's strength. His sword intent has reached the peak of perfection!"

On the other side, the two generals were both at the Holy Realm, whose spear intent was at the extreme level. Yet, both of them were defeated by Darren. The strength of Darren surprised all law enforcers.

He didn't reach the Holy Realm, but he was able to fight against holy warriors! Only very few people in history were able to do so.

Elsa's heartbeat sped at the highest rate when she saw Darren standing with a cold gaze, and his robes fluttered in the wind. To her, that scene was more enchanting than anything else. "Darren is so awesome. He's sure to win this battle." She was thrilled to the extreme.

"Don't make a rash conclusion. The two generals only used spear intents and martial skills and look at what happened. They still have the Holy Will." Lord Donald furrowed his eyebrows at the two generals. Even though Darren was powerful, these generals weren't as simple as he would expect them to be.

Smile slipped away from Elsa's face, and she turned to Lord Donald. "What? Lord Donald, please help Darren! Don't let them hurt Darren!" Elsa panicked when she heard the generals still had powerful attacks. She swept a concerned glance at Darren.

"Now that you love Darren and worry about him so much, why don't you go to help him?" Lord Donald's mouth quirked up to form a faint smile.

Elsa's heartbeat leaped up when she heard his words. "Can... Can I?"

"Little girl, be confident in your power. I have detected that you are only slightly weaker than D

put up a desperate fight.

A spear shadow condensed in the void. A moment later, it fell like a mountain was casting directly through the roof of the Sacred Palace.

At the tip of the spear, the red flame was particularly striking, which was the burning Holy Will.

This was the most powerful blow that golden-armored general had ever performed!

'Darren won't be able to take this blow, ' Lord Donald thought with a grim face.

The spear was as powerful as the strongest attack from the inferior holy warrior in his prime.


Darren confronted the attack with his blade and sword intents.

Unfortunately, the blade and sword intents were soon wiped out by the red Holy Will.

The dark gold internal force surged over like a torrent but also disappeared.

The olive-black force that accompanied the dragon's roar was also wiped out by the Holy Will.

The Holy Will started to lose its flame's strength by the time it nearly reached Darren. It seemed the spear was weakened to its limit, and its power was much lower than before.


Darren looked coldly at the spear and rushed towards the mountain alike lightning flash.

On the other side, Lord Donald saw Darren's movements and momentarily stopped in his tracks. Lord Donald's eyebrows furrowed at that. "Is Darren going to use his body to withstand that blow?" Lord Donald was surprised.

The face of the golden-armored general was covered in blood, but he suddenly laughed sinisterly.

He didn't think Darren could stay alive after clashing with the Holy Will. If Darren wanted to challenge his unique skill with the body, he was courting death!

The two sides clashed with a blast.

What everyone couldn't see in the blast was that Darren had aimed for the spearhead.

Countless flames exploded, and within the Sacred Palace, countless fireballs flew wildly, as if the end of the world was approaching.

Lord Donald panicked at the scene. He had never been this anxious before. What if Darren failed to survive this attack? "Number four, five and six law enforcers. Go and help Darren!" He continued to watch the scene from the distance.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three powerful figures flew into the flames that covered the sky and the sun, and the Holy Will were also lit up on their spears.

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