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   Chapter 734 The General's Order (Part Two)

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It was an absolute surprise, and what was more, he didn't just slay an ordinary man but a general of the Cross Expeditionary Force.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After receiving Lord Donald's order, ten golden-armored law enforcers swiftly showed up at the same time.

"Yes, My Lord!" they responded in chorus.

The sudden appearance of these law enforcers, with their ringing answers, nearly got the remaining two generals blacked out.

Realizing that they were now in such an inferior state, they began to tremble with fear as they felt cold shiver along their spines.

"My...My Lord, if you will excuse us, we shall retire now. If there is anything you need, please tell us. We will pass your message to our leader, Edwin." Quaking with terror, one of the two men faltered as panic engulfed him.

"Why are you in such haste? Stay for a while now that you are already here!" Lord Donald insisted. And soon after he said his request, Lord Donald's calm demeanor suddenly turned seriously grave, and he roared angrily, "Do you think my Sacred Palace is a place that you can just enter or leave as you wish?"

Bang! Bang!

To everyone's astonishment, the echoing sound of Lord Donald's words blew the two men away into the air until they were thudded heavily to the ground a few seconds later. Blood started to ooze out of their mouths.

"My Lord, please forgive us for our imprudence. Please spare our lives!" panicked, the two golden armored generals implored and frantically knelt down in front of Lord Donald.

However, Lord Donald gave no heed to their earnest and humble request. Instead, he turned to Darren and began, "Darren, you have killed several men of the Cross Expeditionary Force. I guess they were not powerful enough to inspire your spirits.

How about I give you another chance? Now I appoint you to be a first-rate law enforcer and order you to punish these two brats by the military discipline."

"Yes, My Lord. Now bei

o the Holy Realm.

"Lord Donald, do you think Darren can defeat them?" asked Elsa, her voice full of concern. She felt worried when she sensed the mighty strength of the two golden-armored generals.

"Don't worry! I have already wounded them with my blow. Their strength is now slightly weaker than that of the cultivator of the Holy Realm. Judging from Darren's current strength, it would be enough for him to kill them ten times over under such circumstances."

In fact, the moment Darren had arrived at the palace, Lord Donald had felt his invincible strength outright. He strongly believed that no one whose strength was weaker than that of the Holy Realm could be Darren's rival.

"Power-enhancing Elixir!"

Each of the two golden-armored generals who rushed to Darren took out a red pill and hurriedly swallowed it.

"Damn it! They just took the pills that would triple their power!" The law enforcers, who stood on both sides, were taken aback with horror.

They understood so well that this kind of pill was an exclusive elixir for the cultivator of the Holy Realm. Once a cultivator took it, he would become three times stronger than he previously was.

At this point, as the two generals had already reached Darren, he had no option but to fight against them with all his might.

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