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   Chapter 732 Arriving At The Sacred Palace

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As he knelt on the ground, Nate felt transfixed. It was as thunder had struck his mind.

"I... I would like to be friends with you, master." Nate was so excited that he couldn't speak clearly.

"Ha-ha, this is great. My name is Darren Chu. This is my wife, Elsa Gongsun. We can address each other by using our first names from now on," Darren nodded with a smile as he introduced himself and Elsa to Nate.

"Thank you, Master Darren," Nate replied.

"Well, as we are friends now, you don't have to call me, master. If you repeat this, I will be very unhappy with you."

"Yes, I understand." Nate nodded and grinned.

"By the way, I can introduce our language to your soul so that you can understand it as well. It will be inconvenient for both of us to continue communicating through our souls only."

As Darren's Spirit Power was strong, it would be easy for him to infuse human language into Nate's brain.


"Please, be patient. This hurts a bit."

"Oh. Thank you for cautioning me, Darren. I will try my best. Please, go ahead."

Darren's Spirit Power carried basic information of human language into Nate's soul.

Nate gritted his teeth and trembled when agony coursed through him, but he didn't make a sound.

"Wow! Nate's enduring ability is similar to mine."

A moment later, the pain in Nate's soul vanished.

"Darren, Elsa, thank you so much," Nate said as tears filled his eyes.

"You're welcome. I believe fate brought us together. It was our destiny to meet!" Darren smiled.

"Yes, I agree. I thought you were a demonic monster that was killing humans, so I wounded you. Don't be mad at me, please," Elsa implored as she teased him.

"No, No. I would never dare to get angry at you, Elsa." Nate scratched his head and laughed.

"By the way, where are you from, and why were they chasing you?" Darren asked.

Hearing this question, Nate was reminded of his hometown. His face darkened.

"My home is located on a floating continent. Our ancestors have been living there for over a hundred thousand years. We lived an easy life. Not long ago, a group of devils arrived in my hometown. They wanted to occupy our village and loot our ores.

We knew that we couldn't defeat that group of devils. So, we agreed to let them mine our ores. But they were not satisfied. They captured my clansmen, treated them as slaves, or killed them for fun.

In their eyes, we were worse than animals. What's more, they controlled me with a strange force and captured my wife. Just as she was

My Lord, I was too angry. I know that I was a little unreasonable. Please forgive me," Darren apologized.

But, Darren was also confused.

Aside from the Cross Expeditionary Force, didn't the eighteen cities controlled by the Sacred Palace also have an expeditionary army? Didn't they kill people in the Aborigines Worlds, as well?

"My Lord, since you are so ashamed of the Cross Expeditionary Force, what about our Sacred Palace? The expeditionary forces of our eighteen cities..." Darren paused now.

"Humph, boy, what are you thinking?" Lord Donald glared at Darren and said, "The expeditionary force of our Sacred Palace only suppresses two kinds of aborigines. First of all, there are powerful bandits in the Aborigines Worlds as well. They burn, pillage, and do evil things. We do not suppress them according to the rules until we got evidence.

Second, there are people there who harbor evil plans. They have attempted to assault our Lothlann Continent. To defend our hometown, we will suppress them based on the conditions.

As for the clans that behave themselves, we will never hurt them. Not even a little bit. If we find the resources we need, we will send someone to negotiate with them. If they agree, we will exchange resources with them. Everything has been done as per the rules. Whoever forcefully takes resources will be executed by the law enforcers right away.

Do you think the Sacred Palace will do what the bloody Cross Expeditionary force has done?"

Hearing Lord Donald's explanation and sensing his outrage at the accusation, Darren felt excited. Lord Donald would be a wise and responsible sovereign of a nation if he were in the ordinary land!

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