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   Chapter 731 Scumbags From The Cross Expeditionary Force (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-21 00:02

Cold sweat started forming on the captain's forehead. He had never imagined that he would meet such a powerful guy in the deserted mountain.

He tightened his face only to show how stern he had been. The captain wanted to hide his expressions of fear toward Darren. "Lad, do you know what you are doing? You are slaughtering members in the Cross Expeditionary Force. Even if you were the Lord of the Sacred Palace, you still would be suppressed!" He tried to maintain an intimidating voice while he uttered those words.

It seemed to backfire him. Darren started fuming in anger, and he stared at them with his darkened eyes. It looked like Darren was possessed with demons. "Fuck you! Fuck Cross Expeditionary Force! The Cross Expeditionary Force is something worse than bandits! Go to hell!"

The blade and sword intents of Darren rushed out at full force.

Heads fell one by one from the midair. In just a few minutes, only the captain was left struggling. Others were all killed by Darren.

The one who was in the reserve service of the Cross Expeditionary Force had totally been stunned after watching Darren kill them so quickly like a slaughtering God.

Other members in Cross Expeditionary Force were massacred by Darren without any chances to fight back. He finally knew that Darren was really powerful.

When Nate, who was next to Darren, saw the fight, he ultimately believed that Darren was not on the same side with the devils. It was because the people Darren had killed were the devils who murdered his clansmen.

"Brat, no matter who you are, you will die miserably if you don't stop." The captain started trembling when Darren's darkened eyes shot at him. At this time, the captain knew his end had come. Still, he was too stubborn to surrender. He gritted his tee

ate was kowtowing him on the ground.

Nate was respected as an invincible God of War in his clan who was carrying the mission of protecting his clansmen.

He had never knelt to any living creatures in his whole life, except the gods that his clansmen and he believed in.

Now, Nate had supreme respect for Darren after recognizing the latter's power.

"Nate, please stand up." Darren helped him up.

Nate looked at Darren with sparkling eyes. "God, thank you for your mercy. Thank you for saving me. Please accept me as your slave." After saying that, Nate knelt and started kowtowing again.

"No way! I can't take you as my slave!" The situation only made Darren more embarrassed.

Bang! Nate was heavily kowtowing to Darren.

"God, please accept me as your slave. I am willing to serve you forever and give you the most precious Primitive Mine."

Darren shook his head and said, "Don't say that again, Nate. In my eyes, all living beings are equal as long as they don't intend to harm others. I can't let you be a slave. We can be friends if you want."

Nate's eyes widened in shock.

He was astounded after hearing this. He could be friends with such a powerful person?

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