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   Chapter 729 An Unexpected Visitor

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"What is an expeditionary force?" Elsa had never heard of it.

"It's the army organized by the human race to attack the creatures in the Aborigines Worlds," Darren explained.

"Aborigines Worlds?"

"Yes. The small continents around Lothlann Continent are called the Aborigines Worlds. I'll explain it to you on our way to the Sacred Palace."

"Okay." Elsa nodded before leaping into the air to follow Darren.

On their way, Elsa understood everything that Darren explained to her.

"Darren, don't you think it is too cruel for us to attack creatures in the Aborigines Worlds? They are also living creatures, even though their intelligence and strength are not on par with human masters. Should they be slaughtered because of this?"

Elsa felt sympathy for the creatures in those Aborigines Worlds.

"Don't worry, Elsa. We will just join the expeditionary force. We will not be participating in the slaughter."

"Ha-ha, that's good. Thank you, Darren," Elsa said with a smile.

After flying for tens of thousands of kilometers, Darren and Elsa reached a deserted mountain. However, as soon as they neared, they sensed a strong aura and intense strength.

Darren used his spiritual sense to probe the surroundings.

"Darren, what's that? It's killing humans!" Elsa asked with shock. She had also detected the situation in front of them.

"Let's investigate."

In a flash, Darren and Elsa appeared at their destination, hundreds of kilometers away.

The land that lay before them had been destroyed. A man in a beast hide and with straggly hair carried a stone spear in his hand. It appeared as though he had killed two seven-star grand warriors and was attempting to kill a third one.

"How dare you?" Darren roared. This creature was tall and looked like a human, but its facial features were cat-like. Darren speculated that it was a demonic creature.

Elsa dashed toward him before Darren could do anything.


She released a sword intent that covered the whole area.


The creature in the beast hide roared and glared at Elsa with bloodthirsty eyes.

He swung his stone spear and charged at Elsa's sword intent in all directions.

"What?" Darren frowned. "He can resist Elsa's sword intent just by using his physical strength. This creature is very strong."

But in the next moment, Darren saw that he was wrong. After charging forward briefly, the creature could no longer continue. The immense

u are accusing me of slaughtering humans?" Nate grinned as he retorted. However, Darren could see the anguish that had filled the creature's soul at that moment.

"You human beings came to our fertile soil and killed all of our clansmen. As the 'God of War' of my clan, I was forced to watch human beings peel the skin off my clansmen. How could you say that I am the beast?

These devils ate my wife's heart! Can't I kill them after what they have done to my clan? You, humans, are devils who like to invade and slaughter other races!"

Nate was very excited as well as in tremendous pain.

Darren repeated his explanation to Elsa, whose expression conveyed the horror coursing through her. She almost cried!

"I'm sorry, Nate. I shouldn't have hurt you. I'm really sorry," Elsa asked Darren to apologize to Nate on her behalf through his soul.

When Nate heard her apology, he could hardly believe that humans were capable of such feelings.

At this moment, he believed that these two humans were genuinely different from the others. He could not feel any enmity emanating from them.

"Can you let me go now? I want to return to my clan to bury the bones of my clansmen. I can give everything precious in our world as long as you let me go." Aware that these two people were not like the others, Nate felt the hope of survival blossom in him.

"Don't worry, Nate. We'll let you return to your clan, safe and sound," Darren replied.

"Really?" It was still hard for Nate to believe Darren and Elsa's promise. On the contrary, he became a little suspicious. Were the cunning humans playing tricks to fool him again?

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