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   Chapter 728 Where Should We Go

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The majestic sword intent swept across the space.

Countless swords were condensed in the sky, each containing the power to break and destroy the sky.

"Your sword intent isn't at the extreme stage, but is rather several times stronger than the extreme sword intent.

Well then, let me fight with you!"

Mathew's voice was laced with a little bit of surprise just before he unleashed a small killing sword intent.

Darren gasped in awe as he saw the killing sword intent. Every hair on his body stood on end. It was unlike anything he ever felt. It was more terrifying than the Holy Will.

"Sir, your killing sword intent is still so powerful, no wonder there are not many people who have mastered it since the ancient times," Darren said.

When the two sword intents collided, Darren's sword intent instantly vanished within a few seconds.

"It's still not enough. My power is so weak," Darren lamented, shaking his head.

Mathew let out a small chuckle. "Don't be too hard on yourself, kid! You're doing great. Among all the sword cultivators I know, you're only second to me and Hanson," he said.

"Another disciple of your master had acquired the fusion of sword intents too. The only problem is that her limit is not very high and she can only bear so much. As a result, the fusion of the sword intents that she had managed to comprehend was not strong enough. It's a little bit weaker than yours.

Of course, that's just the power of her avatar. I don't know her real strength," Mathew imparted.

"Sir, are you talking about the guardian on the third floor of the Starry Tower? Is her avatar still there?" Darren inquired.

"Her avatar has long been dissipated. Even your master doesn't dare to release his avatar here, so her avatar has dissipated many years ago.

Speaking of which, in another two years, your master's avatar must also disperse. He will not descend again. Are you aware of that?" Mathew asked.

Darren had been practicing in this space for four hundred years, which was equivalent to eight years outside. It had been consistent with what the youth with black and white sword eyes said.

"Yes, my master once told me about it and asked me to take control of the Starry Tower once that time comes," Darren answered.

"Well, it's good that you know it."

"Sir, do you know what kind of restriction my master is subject to when he is here? Why can't he just come here at any time?" Darren insisted, growing curious at the nature of his master's predicament.

"I'm not very clear about that either. I only know that in order to show up here, he has violat

jumped out of Darren's arms.

"Well, alright. Let's go!"

Darren activated the force of control. They disappeared into the distance and landed on a desolate mountain.

"Phew!" Mathew and Hanson took a deep breath at the same time.

"It's been thousands of years! it's really a special feeling to be able to breathe the air of the Lothlann Continent."

"Sir, what do you plan to do now?" Darren asked.

"We'd better hide in seclusion for the time being. You and Elsa need to leave a profound spiritual sense in this bead. Whenever you're in danger, we'll quickly come to help you as best as we can," Mathew handed Darren a white bead.

"Okay." Darren and Elsa then put their spiritual sense inside.

"There are too many powerful people in this world, many of them possibly want to come after you. Young man, always remember that there will be times where you must control yourself. Don't try to get too much public attention. Only when you stay in obscurity will you be able to become stronger, understand?" Hanson instructed.

"Don't worry, sir. You know me well. I never make trouble."

"Yes, that's true. But don't be too nervous when you are in danger. We are here with you," Hanson said with a nod.

"Got it. Elsa and I will go on ahead. We'll see you later," Darren said as he bowed to Mathew and Hanson.

"Good bye, sir." Elsa demurely bowed down as well and then soared up to the sky with Darren.

"Darren, the Starry Tower can't protect us anymore. Where should we go?"

"To the Sacred Palace. Let's join the expeditionary force. It would be difficult for the Death Palace and the Space-time Palace to find us if we are in the Aborigines Worlds." Darren had already made up his mind before he went out again.

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