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   Chapter 727 The Fusion Of Sword Intents

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Darren moved as soon as he knew what he needed to do.

There were 18, 000 extreme sword intents, each of which was dreadful. It was difficult to master even just one of them.

What Darren needed to do now was to master one sword intent. He would cultivate it to get close to the strongest it could be and then integrate it into his sword core.

He thought to himself that the first step was to choose a sword intent that was gentle—not a rampant and violent one.

'This purplish blue sword intent seems to be tame, but it is also sharp. It should be my first choice.'

After observing for an hour, Darren decided to use the purplish blue sword intent.


Darren cautiously flew into the air and approached the small stream of extreme sword intent.

'Should I use the Assimilation Skill or attempt to master it slowly?' Darren thought to himself.

The sword intents were all intertwined. It was impossible to isolate just one by using the Assimilation Skill. If many of the sword intents bonded with Darren's core as he attempted to assimilate them, the force would be too great and would cause his body to explode!

"It would be better for me to comprehend it. Although it takes time, it's definitely safer."

Darren called upon his spiritual sense and gingerly probed the purplish blue sword intent.


All his senses began to buzz.

"Oh, it turns out to be a sword intent from a sword skill that was condensed from 3, 000 other sword skills."

The complicated sword tracks flashed through Darren's mind as he tried to make sense of them.

Darren began to calculate the amount of time he would need to comprehend the sword intent. 'If it's two sword skills condensed into one, I would need to keep condensing them by halves... So that would be 3, 000 to 1, 500, then 1, 500 to 750...' Darren's mind began to swim as he realized he would need plenty of time.

'I would need an hour to condense two sword skills into one, and I might need a longer time later on.

If it goes on like this, it will take me at least a hundred years. Even so, it might take me even longer to fuse all 3, 000 into one single sword skill.' Darren was surprised by the amount of time it would take to comprehend one sword intent.

After all, every warrior who was able to comprehend the extreme sword intent was extremely talented. However, even the most talented of them all would still need thousands of years to comprehend an extreme sword intent.

"You don't have to worry about time,"

a voice whispered. Darren turned around and saw the young man with black and white

mobilized his original sword intent and forced the purplish blue sword intent into the cracks.

After another ten days of painful struggle, he finally completed the task. The sword intents had been fused.

"Phew!" Darren ached all over, but he was relieved. He had finished what he had set out to do.

He simply needed to take some time for both he and the sword core to recover.

"It took me so much time to fuse one new sword intent into my sword intent. To fuse 18, 000 different kinds of sword intent will be really difficult. I don't know whether I can finish it," Darren sighed.

His sword core took three months to recover.

He tried to call upon his sword intent. Although it felt new, it was not totally unfamiliar.


Darren made a move. His sword intent began hovering around the void, crackling with powerful energy.

"The power... The power is stronger than some extreme sword intents!"

Darren was overjoyed. He had just merged two kinds of sword intents, and it was so powerful. If he had combined several more sword intents, the might would be incomprehensible.

Darren then began to choose another sword intent he needed to comprehend and repeated the process he had done a hundred years ago.

After three hundred years passed, Darren was able to integrate two more sword intents into his sword core.

"Darren, you have practiced for such a long time. Why haven't you become a holy warrior yet?"

Mathew's figure suddenly appeared in front of Darren.

"Ha, you came just in time, sir." Darren gave him a tired smile.

"What do you mean?" Mathew narrowed his eyes.

"Just in time to feel the power of my sword!" Darren called upon his integrated sword intent to attack Mathew.

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