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   Chapter 725 A Competition With Hanson Xiao

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'The clay figurines of the Death Palace are so strange and powerful, yet the blue-skinned people from the Space-time Palace are even more terrifying than them?' Darren thought to himself. He couldn't imagine how powerful they could be.

"As far as I know, Space-time Palace has existed for a long time. It has passed through millions of years from the Last Age to the present.

They are secretive and often attack the Aborigines Worlds. Aside from that, they will change places every few decades when the resources are used up," with brows raised a little, Hanson explained to Darren.

"But sir, I just killed a man with blue skin a few days ago. He was not very strong and I can say that he was like a newcomer to the seven-star Grand Realm," Darren said, his brows raised in an unconvinced expression.

"You don't know that the real fighting power of the Space-time Palace is not those blue-skinned men, but many powerful killing weapons controlled by them. Those so-called weapons are actually the dead masters," contradicted Hanson at once.

"When I was young, I had witnessed a battle. To suppress the junior holy warrior, the people from the Space-time Palace exhumed a senior holy warrior's corpse from the relic and resurrected it. That was the weapon they had used to kill the junior holy warrior instantly. What's more, it seems like an easy task for them to resurrect a senior holy warrior's corpse," Hanson continued while shaking his head in disbelief.

"Resurrect the senior holy warrior's corpse?"

Hearing this, Darren thought of the short old man he had met at the Life Forbidden Zone. That particular old man also could resurrect the dead body using the Life True Rule.

"Sir, it means that they have mastered the Life True Rule?" Darren asked at once. He wanted to make certain of his assumption more than anything else.

To Darren's surprise, Hanson shook his head and denied it.

"Among the rule cultivators, there are indeed some masters of the Holy Realm who have mastered the Life True Rule that can resurrect corpses. But there is a limitation to the process of resurrecting. For the corpses resurrected by the rule cultivators, once they gain a breath of life again, they will be voided of emotions. Thus, they do not care about anything aside from killing—they will be transformed into killing machines. Moreover, as far as I know, a rule cultivator who owns the strongest Life True Rule just can resurrect the one below the level of the junior holy warrior.

According to these facts, the method of the resurrection of the Space-time Palace is not through the Life True Rule at all," Hanson elucidated.

"If that was the case, it would be fitting to assume that the blue-skinned men from the Space-time Palace are really powerful. But even so, I still think they are not as potent and skilled as the clay figurines of the Death Palace," Darren uttered momentarily weighing the odds between his two equally lethal enemies.

"Don't rush to your final conclusion. There's one more thing you need to know. Thousands of years ago, when I lived in that era, it was said that by that time, the Space-time Palace had gotten three holy emperor corpses.

Imagine that! How powerful the Space-time Palace would be if the three holy emperor co

t. It was obvious that Hanson hadn't used his full strength. But even so, Hanson's attack was so hard and horrible.

"The Heaven Burial."

Before Darren could react, Hanson took the initiative to attack him, which was the extreme sword intent that he had comprehended.

"What was that? It's so scary!" Darren said with his mouth gaped open wide.

At the sight of the incoming assault, the sword intent Darren had sensed was unmatched except that of Mathew's killing sword intent.

"The Earth Extinction!"

Hanson released one strike after the other, intent upon intent, and another horrifying blade intent in an instant.

In the same manner, Darren owned both the blade and sword intents, but Darren's achievements in cultivating both of them were much inferior compared to Hanson's. The horrible aura made the blade and sword cores in his elixir field tremble violently.


Following his horrific growl, Darren gathered all his strength and threw out a counterattack.

Bang! Bang! Bang.

In the void, the sky above them glowed brightly, as the power of various colors dispersed profusely.

But unfortunately, Darren's attack was quickly defeated by Hanson's blade and sword intents and was deviated towards his direction and about to land on Darren in an attack — like his intent was killing him.

The powerful aura sent shivers down Darren's spine. He didn't even have the mood to dodge.

"Your blade and sword intents alone are enough to make me feel like facing an inferior holy warrior. I'm afraid that your real strength is on par with Auberon's." While saying these words towards Hanson, Darren was shocked.

At such a critical moment, a dark gold internal force occurred out of nowhere and crushed the blade and sword intents that were falling towards Darren. After the attack, everything in the Void Space resumed to its peaceful state.

"Haha, have you felt it? There is still a long way to go for you." Hanson smiled faintly. But the next moment, his face twitched, and he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

"Are you all right, sir?" Taking long and quick strides, Darren dashed forward at Hanson's side, his eyes filled with horror and panic.

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