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   Chapter 722 Going Home

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Darren's body bounced back all of a sudden. Anxiousness coursed through him.

"What's wrong, Darren? Are you okay?" Elsa flew over and looked at him with concern.

"It's nothing. I am fine." Darren shook his head. However, his eyes were still full of astonishment.

"What did you see? Was it..." Elsa wondered if Darren had seen the same thing she did.

Darren shook his head and said, "I didn't see the fiend wake up. But, I saw a savage land where two people were fighting."

"Who were they?"

"Me and another man. What confused me the most is that I was not the one with the blade and sword intents. At the end of the image, a man in crimson red armor and a long spear removed his mask. He looked like me."

This was what had surprised Darren.

Moreover, when the man in crimson red armor took off his mask raised his head, his gaze seemed to pierce time and space as it landed on Darren. The intensity of the glare made him retreat in fear.

"Perhaps this is not a future well. Darren, don't trust it," Elsa tried to console Darren.

"Well, perhaps you are right. The future is just too changeable. If only a single well can determine the future, then what's the point of everyone's life? I don't care what it showed." Darren nodded in agreement.

Shortly after, Darren and Elsa left.

"Elsa, should we visit my clan?"

"Didn't they bully you mercilessly back then? Why do you want to go back?" Elsa asked as confusion coursed through her.

"I have forgiven them."

The hatred Darren had felt for so long vanished after he visited his clan the previous time.

"Okay. If you're sure, then, yes. We should go."

With a nod, Darren leaped into the air. Elsa followed as he headed for Sky Maple City. In the blink of an eye, they reached.

While walking on the street, Darren found that significant changes had taken place in his hometown. He could only vaguely remember the direction of the Chu Clan.

"Who are you? The Chu Clan is not open to outsiders,"

two young men shouted at Darren when they saw him.

"Young man, you are strong. You are in your teens and yet you've reached the Mysterious Realm." Darren smiled.

"Our uncle, Darren, left us precious treasures with which to improve our talent. If you have nothing else to say, you can leave now."

"Little boy, is the uncle that you mentioned powerful?" Elsa asked as s

you will get some magic herbs. You can get as many as you want with your ability."

Darren released over a thousand magic herbs and piled them up behind him.

All the younger cultivators flocked toward the herbs. To Darren's surprise, these young people didn't fight over the magic herbs.

On the contrary, they assigned one person to distribute them one by one equally.

"Ha-ha. Darren, are you disappointed? Let me share with you that our clan rules are very strict. Clan disciples are not allowed to fight with each other under any circumstances."

An old figure stepped forward and laughed heartily.

"Elder, nice to meet you."

Darren's face lit up when he heard the elder's voice. He immediately bowed and greeted him. Elsa, who was standing beside Darren, also bowed to him. He was the guard of the Martial Skill Library.

"This is great. You are a grand warrior, but you show me so much respect. How rare it is." The guard of the Martial Skill Library nodded with satisfaction and said, "What are you waiting for? It does not matter if your legs ache from standing. But don't make our new daughter-in-law stand for so long."

The guard of the Martial Skill Library smiled at Elsa as he spoke.

"Ha-ha, let's all go inside. From now on, we, the Chu Clan, will hold a three-day celebration for Darren and our new daughter-in-law to welcome them home."


Then, the members of the Chu Clan escorted Darren and Elsa into the hall.

After everyone had left, the slate under an old tree suddenly cracked, and a clay figurine's head popped out.

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