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   Chapter 720 Embracing Each Other

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Moonlight cascaded on a shiny figure wearing glistening green robes. Elsa's moist eyes blinked twice before confirming it was really him!

She stared at Darren without blinking, and her eyes couldn't help but shimmer with tears. She clutched her chest to soothe the racing heart that had been in pain for so long! Elsa finally realized what she had been missing out and made up her mind. As Hailey said, nothing was more precious than this moment.

Elsa wiped her eyes with her delicate palms. Just as she was about to take a step ahead, something encircled and gripped her foot.

She suddenly jerked up and bowed her head, her heart trembling. In a blink of an eye, she fell back to the woods.

"Miss Elsa, you can't see him,"

a man with blue skin said as he broke through space and climbed out to stand in front of Elsa.

"No, I want to see him!" Elsa stood firmly on her ground.

"Have you forgotten our agreement? If you go to see him, you will never get stronger. He will die in front of you one day. Don't be deceived by the girl in purple," the blue-skinned man said and gazed at her with utmost urgency.

Elsa hesitated, and her lower lips quivered. Now that she had made up her mind, she couldn't back out. She would be a fool to miss out on such an opportunity.

"The fortune telling is just a prediction. I don't believe it. I believe nothing. All I want is Darren," Elsa said. And that was when tears streamed down her rosy cheeks.

The blue-skinned man rubbed his temples and sighed. "You are too stubborn. You will destroy everything if you continue to be like this."

Her hands trembled at the thought of being alone again. "I don't care. Tell them I won't go back to the Space-time Palace anymore, and I want to be with Darren."

Elsa ignored the blue-skinned man and flew in the direction where Darren was standing.

How could the blue-skinned man let her get away with it? He rushed after her at his top speed.

A force surged out of the blue-skinned man that instantly circled Elsa, making her stop in her tracks. He raised his palms that shone with sparkling energy, and he aimed at Elsa's feet.


A pale blue sword intent shot at his palm quickly.

"You!" The blue-skinned man dodged the sword intent and looked very angry.

Another attack was shot at the blue-skinned man, but he dodged it again.

Suddenly, the earth began to tremble, and a handsome figure appeared in the sky only to stand in front of the blue-skinned man. Darren shot a cold gaze at the man, who was trembling.

Darren's eyesight shifted at the girl standing behind him with wet cheeks, and his eyes widened. "Elsa..."

His eyes immediately softened.

"Darren." Elsa rushed at him and put her arms around his neck. She hugged him tightly, clinging onto his body as if he was her life force.

When the blue-skinned man saw both of them finally confronting each other, anger in his heart grew and rose toward his face. "Elsa, how dare you! We will not spare you an

savior. To save the life, she will die. She had to do that with you only because she has a mission to fulfill.

Just think about it. Hailey is such a beautiful and extraordinary woman. Why would she fall in love with you, idiot? Humph. Her purity is much more precious than anything else. You bad guy, don't blame her anymore," Elsa pouted.

Darren started stroking her cheeks but stayed calm. He was silent because he had already figured it out.

"I wish she could be fine," Darren said with a sigh, not knowing what to say. He suddenly remembered something and pinched Elsa's jaw, to force her face up.

"Who is that monster with blue skin?" Darren also wanted to know why she saved the monster even though he attacked her.

"Strictly speaking, he is my senior brother apprentice." Elsa thought for a moment and decided to tell Darren the truth.

"Your senior brother?" Darren swept a confused glance at her.

"It's a long story. In fact, after that day, I was baffled. I really wanted to hide in a deep mountain and disappear from the world forever. But only three days later, a man with a blue and robust figure came to me. He told me that he wanted to make me stronger so that I could save you when you would be in danger. I thought for a long time and then agreed.

They came from another world, and I lived in a place called Space-time Palace."

Elsa held his hands firmly. "Darren, look at my current strength."

She backed up a few steps and flew in the sky.

A pale blue sword intent came at Darren and covered him.

Darren's heartbeat sped when he noticed the icy aura. It was too strong! He had no choice but to release a stream of his sword intent to fend off the blow.

"Elsa, are you promoted to a seven-star grand warrior?" Darren was surprised.

"Am I really awesome? Though you are much stronger than me. By the way, I'll take you to the place where the witcher lived before. Maybe you can see something in the well too." Elsa smiled and dragged him along.

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