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   Chapter 718 Return To The Hometown

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Darren and Theodore neared their destination.

"Stop. This is a forbidden area. No one is allowed to advance further."

A dozen law enforcers dressed in purple armor surrounded Darren and Theodore at once.

"It's you!" One of the law enforcers was surprised to see Darren. Dread reflected in his expression.

Darren also recognized the law enforcer robed in purple armor. When Eddy tried to kill him a long time back, this law enforcer had been ordered to save Darren. However, he had slapped Darren across the face.

At that time, he didn't think that Darren had any outstanding talent except for simultaneously cultivating blade skill and sword skill. He believed that it would be better to assault Darren than offend Eddy.

"It's been a while since we last met, sir," Darren said in a calm voice.

The law enforcer's heart skipped a beat.

He trembled with fear when he felt Darren's aura. He had been a significantly weaker young man back then. He also felt ashamed of how quickly he had judged Darren.

"You are too nice to me. Please punish me, Mr. Darren Chu," said the law enforcer in purple armor as he lowered his head in fear.

But, when he looked up, Darren and Theodore had flown to the edge of Hiram the Great's halberd.

The law enforcer gazed at Darren. Complex emotions coursed through him. With a wry smile, he said, "He just ignored me. This is worse than being slapped several times."

The long arm covered with blood scales lay quietly on the ground less than three thousand feet from Hiram the Great's halberd.

"What a strong fiendish aura. That is really the arm of the first fiend ancestor." Theodore's expression changed when he tried imagining how terrifying the living fiend's body was.

Darren looked at it quietly for a while. Suddenly, he felt very uncomfortable as if something was surging inside his body.

"It's my demonic internal force! It is fighting to leave my body!" Darren was surprised as he couldn't control the demonic internal force in his body.

Besides, he felt dizzy, as if something was calling him.

"Let's go, sir!" Darren said and flew away quickly.

Theodore caught up with Darren and asked, "What's wrong, Darren?"

"I don't know. I'm not feeling well. I think we should leave before something bad happens," Darren replied curtly. He did not

was so gratified that he knelt and kowtowed three times in front of the tombs.

After whispering for a while in front of the two graves, Darren strode out of the place. He planned on walking around the new sect.

"I might as well meet the person who established this sect."

Out of curiosity, Darren unleashed his spiritual sense to probe for elders. He found a man with a strong aura in one hall.

Of course, Darren had only searched casually. The sense he got from this person was not very clear.

In a flash, Darren disappeared from the gravesite and appeared in the center of the hall.

"My name is Darren Chu. I was passing by your sect and wanted to visit you, are you..."

Darren was so stunned that he couldn't finish his sentence.

The middle-aged man with gray temples sitting in the hall was also astonished.

He stared at Darren, unable to move for a long time. His lips trembled so much that he could not speak a word.


After a long time, he cried out excitedly.

"Elder Thomas..." Darren murmured.

"Ha-ha, ha-ha." The man strode forward and patted Darren on the shoulder with both hands.

As he stared at Darren, he could say nothing. He just smiled.

"Come, have a seat."

After a while, Thomas came to his senses and asked Darren to sit.

"Elsa, come quickly! Darren has returned."

Thomas didn't take his eyes off Darren, as he yelled at the room next to the hall.

Hearing that, Darren's heart beat fast, and he felt a lump in his throat.

Could it be? Was Elsa here? Darren wondered.

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