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   Chapter 717 Refusing To Join

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"Yes, that Emperor Weapon is a good match for Darren." All three men looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

"No, I don't agree. You should go now." With a resolute expression on his face, Lord Donald directly rejected their suggestion without asking for Darren's opinion.

"As I said, it is all up to Darren. Lord Donald, you don't want to decide by yourself for Darren, do you? Let him speak for himself," one of them said in a calm voice looking from Lord Donald to Darren.

"Darren, join the Cross Expeditionary Force, and you get one Emperor Weapon. What do you say?"

After several times of being asked, Darren didn't reply. He was thinking about the matter and was hesitant on how to respond.

"Don't talk anymore. Only Darren is indeed able to wear the cursed armor, but once he puts it on, he will become a killing machine without any emotions. Darren won't agree even if I don't say anything," Lord Donald said coldly. It was evident that he was vexed at the moment.

Only then did Darren understand and had a clear picture of what the cursed armor was like—and what it was built for.

"I refuse to join," Darren verbalized at last.

After all, nobody in his right mind would agree to such an agreement. How could Darren agree to exchange human feelings for an Emperor Weapon?

"Darren, don't believe in what Lord Donald said. The Emperor Weapon is not a cursed armor, but an armor made by an ancient emperor who cultivated blade and sword. It is called the Blade and Sword Armor. If an ordinary person wore it, there would be a certain probability that he would be controlled by the Weapon Soul and become a killing machine. But you are different. Since you are cultivating the blade skill and sword skill at the same time, it is absolutely fine for you to wear it," said a member of the three great clans.

"Shut up! How many geniuses has that thing ruined? Why don't the elders of your clans destroy it?" Lord Donald asked angrily. His voice was getting louder as the conversation lengthened.

There were at least one hundred peerless geniuses who had worn the Blade and Sword Armor. Without exception, they all became emotionless and only intended to kill people. They all ended up dying during the battles.

"There's no need to persuade me anymore. It's just an Emperor Weapon. I, Darren, will not risk my life for it. What's more, I don't want to help you plunder the resources. Please leave now," Darren refused again and drove them away. He had come to a final decision, and nothing would make him change his mind.

"Great! Darren, your decision is absolutely correct. It's just a weapon. It's no big deal." Glad about Darren's rejection of such an indecent invitation, Theodore nodded and smiled.

"Huh! How dare you!" Contrariwise, the faces of the three men darkened when they heard Darren's refusal.

"No! How dare you!" Raising his voice, Lord Donald pounded the table and released his entire oppressive force. With his face trembling, he said, "You have barged into my Sacred Palace without permission, and you e

the body resulted in too many martial arts masters of our clan to die for his selfish interest. He deserved to die!

After that fight, according to the rules, all members of our Dragon Blood Clan should be executed. But other clans found out after investigation that it was all because the leader of our clan who deceived so many people. So, they decided to suppress the Dragon Blood Clan forever, unless there is a holy emperor in our clan."

With that, Theodore was relieved that he had told Darren the history of their clan.

"But I don't get it. Why did the clan leader help release the fiend?" Darren asked further as he was still confused.

"In fact, even I haven't figured out the specific reason. I only heard from the predecessors that the clan leader was a crazy person. He released the first fiend ancestor to eat it up, so he himself would become unbeatable. Unfortunately, he was wrong. The first fiend ancestor was much stronger than he thought," Theodore explained with a downcast expression on his face.

"Yup, the fiend's first ancestor is indeed very powerful. I remembered that an arm of him had escaped a few years ago, and he had huge fighting power even if he had not yet fully recovered. If the halberd of Hiram the Great hadn't been triggered, our continent would have been destroyed." As he imagined the incident on his mind, Darren's heart beat fast at the thought of the situation back then.

"What? He escaped again?" asked Theodore in dire disbelief.

"Yes, let me show you the place, sir. We will pass by that area later on," Darren volunteered.

"Okay! I will be glad to set my foot on that place." Theodore's eyes grew with excitement.

In a matter of minutes, from their hastened flight, Darren and Theodore landed on the dilapidated ground.

As both of them did a visual scurry of the place, they noticed that law enforcers guarded the place within five hundred kilometers. As Darren and Theodore looked from afar, the huge halberd was still standing erect in the center—a clear symbol of hope.

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