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   Chapter 716 The Condition Of Invitation

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To vent his anger out, this time, Theodore pounded the table and stood up.

"Take us away? Do you think you can take us away as you like? Who do you think you are? I don't care about all of your three great clans," he bellowed out.

"Theodore, don't be angry. The resentment between the Dragon Blood Clan and us has long been resolved, right?

It's just a slip of the tongue to say take you two away. In fact, we are here to invite you to join the Cross Expeditionary Force. Sincerely, Theodore, would you please think about it?"

Following through the conversation, all this time, Darren had already been very puzzled, and he was even more confused when he heard Cross Expeditionary Force.

The faces of the other people softened when they heard that they were not here to make trouble.

"Theodore was a law enforcer of our Sacred Palace. If he wanted to go on an expedition in the Aborigines Worlds, he could enter the eighteen cities at any time. As for joining the Cross Expeditionary Force? I don't think it's necessary. Theodore, what do you think?" Lord Donald asked.

"Of course I won't join the Cross Expeditionary Force," Theodore agreed with Lord Donald.

"Since Theodore doesn't want to join us, we can't force him. But Darren isn't from the Sacred Palace, can we invite him at least?" one of three people looked at Darren and asked with his brows raised in a quizzical expression.

"Darren is inexperienced, and I don't think he is qualified to go on an expedition. Maybe not," Lord Donald interrupted before Darren could say a word.

"Hey, Lord Donald. Why do you decide for Darren? We have to ask for his decision whether he wants to join us or not, right?" repulsed one of the members of the force.

"Darren, on behalf of the three great clans, we formally invite you to join the Cross Expeditionary Force reserve service. Are you willing to do that?" he continued, asking Darren directly this time.

Darren kept silent for a while and said helplessly, "I don't understand what you are talking about. Moreover, I have no idea what the Cross Expeditionary Force is. How can I join you?"

"Ha-ha, you are right. Why don't we sit down and talk about it in detail? Lord Donald, you aren't going to drive us away, are you?" The three of them smiled faintly as they exchanged glances.

"Have a seat then," Lord Donald said expressionlessly.

"Darren, take this Jade Slip and release your spiritual sense to it," one of the members of the force said and handed over a Jade Slip to Darren.

Darren took the Jade Slip and did as he said.


In a flash, a tremendous amount of information poured into Darren's head, overpowering him entirely. The process caused beads of sweat to form on his forehead and soaked his entire face in no time.

"So that was it."

In minutes, the cloud in Darren's head was soon cleared off. By now, Darren clearly understood what they were talking about.

It turned out that the Lothlann Continent was not the only existing world in this void. Many small worlds were in the state of desolation on the edge of the Lothlann Continent.

More than that, these small worlds were what they referred to as the Aborigines Worlds.

Aborigines Worlds were independent in this void, and some of them were even adjacent to the Lothlann Continent, separated by space turbulent flows of thousa

as I know, if a person has an Emperor Weapon, the clay figurines will not dare chase him. Am I right?"


At that very moment, both Theodore and Auberon lost their calmness.

By this time, all cards were laid, and they expressed their opinions clearly. If Darren were willing to join the Cross Expeditionary Force, they would be willing to give him an Emperor Weapon!

Taking all these into consideration, Darren had learned from the short old man of the Mythological Palace that the Emperor Weapon was classified into two kinds. The holy emperor used one, and the other was created and sharpened by the holy emperor.

"Humph! Don't talk big here. There are only three Emperor Weapons in your three clans, and even the leader of your clan dare not use them. Will you really give Darren one?" Theodore stood up and said. He wanted to clear off the doubt in his mind as well as everybody else's doubt too.

Growing up with all the legends and myths about these clans, Theodore knew how precious an Emperor Weapon was! Thus, Theodore didn't believe their words at all.

"What a coincidence! Is that too good to be true? After the discussion made by our three great clans, we are willing to give one Emperor Weapon to Darren," one of the men spoke out, giving dire emphasis on each word as if they were a matter of life and death in significance.

At that point, Darren was stunned. He thought of what he had done to deserve such a potent weapon.

Why did the three great clans say so? Why would they give him such a weapon? What would it cost him? Darren's mind was filled with questions. With all these, Darren didn't think he had reached the level at which three great clans would love to give him an Emperor Weapon regardless of his strength or potential.

It was known that there were several super talents in the three great clans and the Sacred Palace. Moreover, many talents were not weaker than Darren. However, most of them were hiding and honing to improve their strength.

Everyone in the palace kept silent. A moment later, Lord Donald seemed to remember something.

"Are you going to give that Emperor Weapon to Darren?" While he threw that question, the expression on Lord Donald's face suddenly changed.

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