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   Chapter 715 Taking Darren Away

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"Sir, to whom do you refer?" Darren pretended not to know what the number one law enforcer was talking about.

With a slight smile, the number one law enforcer, Auberon, said, "I need to know the background of that kid."

"He's my younger brother. Why do you need to investigate, sir?" Darren replied calmly.

"We are simply following the rules of the Sacred Palace."

At first sight, Auberon felt that Aaron was not a member of the world. It was his duty to examine the background of any foreign creature in this world.

"Auberon, he is Darren's younger brother. He just mastered some ancient martial skills. How can you be so serious with a kid?"

Theodore walked forward and patted Auberon on the shoulder.


"Don't speak more about this! I am inviting you to have a drink with me since I have just earned my freedom after a lot of suffering. You won't refuse me, will you?"

Auberon was only a kid when Theodore became famous as the number two law enforcer. Theodore had once been Auberon's mentor. Later, Auberon's strength surpassed Theodore and even became the number one law enforcer.

This was why Auberon had great respect for Theodore.

"Okay. Let's return to the Sacred Palace as soon as possible. I believe that the Lord of the Sacred Palace will be pleased to learn that you are still alive. From now on, there will be one more powerful man guarding our Sacred Palace. Ha-ha," Auberon said as he burst out with laughter. As he had just met an old acquaintance after tens of thousands of years, he ignored the other matters.

"Let's go. The lord thinks highly of you, kid," Auberon said as he signaled for Darren to follow.

Then, they all leapt into the air and flew out of the Badlands.

In front of the magnificent palace, lines of law enforcers stood in an orderly fashion. The Lord of the Sacred Palace, Lord Donald, also came to welcome them.

Of course, this arrangement was not for Darren's benefit only.

The main reason for this display was that Auberon had informed them that Theodore was still alive.

Darren, Theodore, and the others walked forward as Lord Donald ambled toward them.

"Ha-ha, Theodore. I've been looking forward to seeing you ever since I heard of your return," Lord Donald greeted as he reached them.

Theodore was stunned for a moment. Then he responded, "Oh, it's you, Donald. Congratulations on your promotion to Lord of the Sacred Palace."

Although Theodore and Do

t the elderly man had come from outer space.

"Theodore, you might be right," Lord Donald nodded.

"As for the Death Palace, I don't know much about it either. Its whereabouts are a mystery.

I will now ask Auberon to explain to Darren in detail about the Aborigines Worlds," Lord Donald said.

Just as Auberon was about to stand up and explain about the Aborigines Worlds, several figures barged into the palace.

Everyone was shocked. After all, this was the Sacred Palace. Who would dare to break in?

"Let me explain to Darren."

Three people stood at the entrance. In a flash, one person flew forward.

"How dare you?"

Auberon lifted his spear as he rose to his feet. All the other law enforcers also got ready.

"Auberon, sit down," Lord Donald instructed.

"You, three. What do you want from the Sacred Palace? Why did you break in?" Lord Donald asked coldly.

"Ha-ha, Lord Donald, please forgive us. We are here to ask you to surrender two people."

"You want someone from me?" Lord Donald furrowed his eyebrows. He clearly did not understand what they wanted.

"That's right. We aren't here to waste your time. We came here to take Darren and Theodore. I wonder if you will agree or not."

"Bullshit! You can't simply take people from the Sacred Palace at whim," Ramon cried out. All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the palace tensed.

At this point, Darren was confused.

He didn't know who these people were, nor did he understand why they asked for him and Theodore.

Lord Donald gestured with his hand at Ramon to calm down. Then he asked, "Why do the three great clans want these two men?"

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