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   Chapter 710 Here Came The Law Enforcers

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At this moment, Darren suddenly felt Ulin's overwhelming aura possessing such a killing intent.

With this, stalling for time would be next to impossible. And fighting to the death was the only choice left for him.

But before that, Darren had already cast his spiritual sense into the Purgatorial Tripod.

"Your death is truly a pity," Ulin mocked as he sarcastically grinned, seemingly provoking Darren, who was currently bracing himself for the worst.

In a split second, runes on Ulin's body flashed, and a vast rule power exploded instantly.


Darren immediately turned into a dragon. His dragon tail swept across the area.

However, Ulin's hand swiftly grasped Darren's dragon tail. He could not move now.

Ulin shook his head, and mockingly said, "You are still too young. In my hands, you have no chance to fight back."


And without saying another word, his runic sword pierced Darren's dragon tail.

Soon, a pool of blood dripped from Darren's dragon tail and converged on the ground like a flowing stream.


To counterattack, Darren gathered his Spirit Power, fueling the black flame condensing in his elixir field and shot it to Ulin's brain.


Ulin groaned. He was stunned as he felt a sharp pain in his head.

He was caught off guard. He even felt the burning sensation in his soul caused by the black flame.

However, Ulin's soul and Spirit Power were extremely powerful so the black flame was expelled in an instant!

"This method shows having great power and strength. I have never seen such a powerful black flame," Ulin acknowledged in a faint voice.

"Cut the crap. Kill me if you can!"

Darren bent his body in a swift motion and bounced out abruptly, before turning around to hit Ulin with his dragon claw.

This blow contained all his power, but unfortunately, it only made Ulin retreat a few staggering steps.

Ulin's lips twitched. Loosening his grip, he put his palms together at once.

A moment later, thirteen swords condensed by golden runes shot out, tearing the space and eventually destroying the ground. The attack was as powerful as that released by an inferior holy warrior at top level.


A loud explosion reverberated, and a figure dashed towards Darren, sending him flying away. It was unfortunate that the figure was stabbed by a runic sword.

The runic sword pierced through the figure's body, and then he fell to the ground with a loud bang.

"Water Kylin!" Darren roared. It was the Water Kylin who had saved him.

"Don't worry, master. I'm still alive!"

the Water Kylin exclaimed as he flew to Darren and stood in the midair next to him. It was apparent that both of them kept bleeding.

"That's great," Ulin touted. He stared at the two creatures in front of him, and his eyes brightened. "I've killed a lot of creatures before. But this time, I will kill a legend


So to speak, they could find this mysterious space because of the powerful aura of the natural thunder. If Ulin didn't test his methods and directly killed Darren and the Water Kylin, they would never find this mysterious space.

"Dying men find my hiding place, so what?"

Ulin haughtily exclaimed as the runes on him exploded. Tens of thousands of runic swords gathered in the midair, ready to attack.

"Edward, he is going to take action. I will fight against him and you go to protect Darren and his legendary beast as soon as possible."

"Roger that," Edward replied.


Ramon hastily took up his long spear and deftly threw it at Ulin. Tens of thousands of runic swords heavily condensed into a whirlpool and started to shoot towards them.

Ramon neatly moved among the runic swords along a perfect trace. In one's naked eyes, it seemed that he had been stabbed thousands of times. But looking at it closely, each of the figures stabbed was merely a phantom. His agility was exceptional.

"Go to hell!"

Ramon stretched his arms and aimed directly at the void, making it collapse.

"You're still wet behind the ears, boy!"


A plain and vintage metal jar popped out in front of Ramon and fended off his spear.

"The rule cultivator's weapon command skill?" Ramon was slightly shocked.

In terms of a rule cultivator, the ultimate attack method depended on controlling the weapons using rule power.

Generally speaking, this method could only be comprehended after a rule cultivator reached the top level of the junior Holy Realm. If one wanted to develop it, he had to become a senior holy warrior.

Tens of thousands of rays of light were emitted from the metal jar, each of which seemed to have the power to shoot through the human soul.

At the same time, eighteen black vortexes were surrounding the metal jar, which was much more terrifying than the space cracks.

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