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   Chapter 704 Leave It To Aaron

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"Oh my God! Aaron is still so much powerful! He is even admittedly a little bit stronger than me!"

Darren muttered to himself as he could feel a great pressure coming from the skeleton soldier made by Aaron.

Immediately, Darren mobilized the blade and sword intents and tried his best to kill the black skeleton soldier made of runes that were coming after him.


The explosion as a result from the two attacks forced Darren to step back.

"Aaron!" Pasquale, the Giant Ape, shouted out.

As his first blow didn't kill the young man, Aaron wanted to mobilize the runes to attack him again.

"Aaron, stop now!" Pasquale stopped him at once.

Because Pasquale recognized the young man, whom Aaron was preparing to attack, was Darren.

"He is your brother, Darren," Pasquale said to Aaron.

"Oh, he really is my brother, Darren!" With great joy overflowing him, Aaron flew towards Darren in a flash.

"Darren, are you here to pick me up?" Aaron held Darren's arms, laughing happily.

"Aaron, I didn't expect that you hadn't grown, but you can speak quite fluently now." Darren laughed and caressed Aaron's head.

"It's all because of that old ape, ha ha!" Aaron giggled as he pointed at the approaching Giant Ape behind him.

Pasquale walked over to them and said, "Humph, you finally show up. I thought something bad had happened to you while you were outside."

"Haha, don't be angry at me, sir. I just have too many things on my plate these past few years," Darren smiled.

"It's just an excuse. But you are much more powerful than before. You could even resist Aaron's attack," Pasquale said.

"Nothing more but slight improvements. Oh! One more thing! I have something important to ask you," Darren added.

"What is it?" Pasquale asked.

"I'm currently being suppressed by an evil young man and could die at any time. I still have two rolls of true rule here. Help me and see if I can quickly comprehend them. Only by increasing my strength can I have a chance to escape death," Darren answered briefly.

"Don't worry. Tell me in detail." With a serious look on his face, Pasquale gestured for Darren to fly into the cave.

Darren then told them what he knew and engraved the contents of the true rules.

When Pasquale saw the two rolls of true rules, he was stunned for a moment.

"Well! That's very good! If these two true rules are complete, they can even be as powerful as Barnes' Invincible True Rule. But even though t

s is definitely the best way at the moment. It's only a true rule. Give it to Aaron. But I feel as if someone's coming, so I have to leave."

"Well, you'd better leave as soon as possible. Don't let that demonic monster find the Purgatorial Tripod, or he might try to break it. Then, all of us will die inside," Pasquale reminded.

"Then I'll go out first. Have you kept the true rule formulas in your mind?"

"I've kept them in mind and will teach Aaron later. Once he understands a little of them, he can help you out."

"Okay!" Darren nodded.

"Darren, I want to go with you, too," Aaron said to Darren. He didn't understand what they were talking about, but he wanted to follow Darren when he was about to leave, especially when it had been so long since they last saw each other.

"No, you stay here and improve your strength. This is the only way you can help your brother. Come with me," Pasquale said with a long face.

"Go ahead," Darren said with a smile and pat Aaron's head.

"All right. As long as I can help you, I'm not afraid of anything."

"Well, I'll take my leave now."

With that, Darren flew out of the Purgatorial Tripod.

Outside the Purgatorial Tripod, there were still green plants in full bloom.

But not far away, there was a bloody body lying on the grass.

Darren rushed towards that place. It was the Water Kylin.

At this time, his skin and flesh was torn, and he was already at his final breath. Not to mention that his body was not as shiny as before.

"What's wrong with you, you damn dog?" Darren stood in shock and immediately used low-level of the Life True Rule to heal the other.

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