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   Chapter 703 The People Darren Hadn't Seen For A Long Time

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Enduring the pain that shot through every part of his body, the young man walked toward Darren.

He would not allow this man, who did not become his slave, to stay with him.

"Take out your sword," the young man ordered.

Darren did as he was told.

"Stab yourself in the chest, right in the heart," the young man continued.

"Yes," Darren answered.

'Oh, no. He has found out that I'm a fraud, ' Darren thought to himself.

The young man had just ordered him to put a sword through his own heart. If he did not obey, the young man would see that he had been pretending all along. Wasn't he going to die if he thrust a sword into his heart?

Since the young man was obviously testing him, there was a probability that he was unsure about Darren's deception. As long as Darren obeyed every order, the young man would find no reason to doubt him.

The most important thing to figure out now was how to impale himself with his sword and somehow survive.

There was no time for hesitation. If Darren paused for so much as another second, the young man would recognize the trickery and go for the kill.


Without delay, Darren swung the sword into the air so that it faced him and then thrust it into his heart.

"Move the sword up to cut open your heart," the young man said, still not satisfied.

"Yes, master."

Darren made a horizontal upward cut with the blade.

"Humph!" After the sword had been moved halfway, the young man snorted. Ignoring Darren completely, he turned around and walked toward a mountain.

Darren's body fell to the ground with a thud.

On the other hand, the Water Kylin was teleported to a forest.

These woods were home to powerful diabolic beasts, each one as capable as a six-star grand warrior.

There were even diabolic beasts here who were as strong as a seven-star grand warrior of the highest level.

And yet, wherever the Water Kylin went, the beasts scrambled to steer clear of him. Feeling vulnerable, they ran for their lives. The aura of the legendary beast terrified them.

As he set foot in this area, the Water Kylin was temporarily freed from the young man's control. Here, he could move freely. He also regained his normal strength.

However, he had to catch a diabolic beast and return as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the young man finally crushed his Natal Divine Bead, it would be the end of him. He would die in the blink of an eye. Besides, Darren was still technically under the young man's control. He had to do as the young man ordered.

"Damn it! Once I get my hands on my Natal Divine Bead again, I'll devour you to death, you son of a bitch,"

the Water Kylin cursed. The feeling that his life was in the hands of another person infuriated him.


The Water Kylin turned

de yet."

On that fateful day, in order to force Darren to save his master, Pasquale had kept Aaron as a hostage.

Now, Darren was much stronger than Pasquale had been back then. It was time for him to go inside and have a look.

Without delay, he concentrated his spiritual sense and entered the Purgatorial Tripod.

He had to hurry up. If the demon-like young man returned and found out that there was only one tripod there, he might destroy it.

Darren descended into the darkness. Revenants found him but did not dare approach. They all shivered and retreated.

When he reached the bottom, he found a river of boiling magma.

Darren stepped into the magma and descended into the decaying, neglected world. He easily found the mountain where Pasquale was.

Giggle, giggle, giggle.

Darren heard the sound of children's laughter in the distance.

He flew over to where he thought the sound was coming from. Suddenly, he sensed the presence of a black-eyed child who was riding a Giant Ape, constantly tearing out its hair.

"Aaron, please spare me. I'll grow bald if you keep torturing me like this."

The Giant Ape's voice was rough and helpless.

"No, I will go on. Unless you let me out to look for my brother." The black-eyed kid continued to pull out hair from the Giant Ape's head.

"Don't mention that brat to me. He has been gone for so many years. He never even thought to cast his spiritual sense here. Not once! I'm afraid that he has already forgotten you. Don't call him 'brother'! He is bad."

"Bah, you silly ape. I'll beat you!"

Aaron hit the Giant Ape on the head a few times. Suddenly, he stopped. His eyes glowed with a powerful black light.

"Who's there?" he asked.

Without waiting for a response, he condensed a black rune into a skeleton soldier. The soldier, wielding a knife, rushed toward Darren.

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