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   Chapter 702 Two True Rules Being Translated

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"You mean the betrayer who has been hiding in the number nine Badlands?" number two law enforcer, Ramon, asked.

"Yes, the betrayer who killed the Lord of the Sacred Palace tens of thousands of years ago. Then he was beaten by some elders and been suppressed for a few years, but after that, he escaped to the number nine Badlands and totally disappeared since then. He should have recovered by now," number three law enforcer, Edward, responded.

"It is said that he is a powerful demonic monster. He was so desperate that in order to break into the Sacred Palace, he forced himself to exchange for human blood to cover his demonic aura, is this true?" Ramon asked as his curiosity was triggered at the mention of the betrayer.

"I don't know. It's highly possible."

"Alas! The other four races hate us so much that they want to kill humans all the time." At the thought of possible uprisings, Ramon sighed with his shoulders slumped in an odd downcast.

"Don't think too much about it. We have many powerful human warriors. They can't kill all of us. We'd better hurry to find that guy. Our lord thinks highly of Darren. If he dies, we would surely be punished."

"Let's go."

The two golden-armored law enforcers flew towards the last place where Darren's aura was sensed.

Meanwhile, at the Divine Mountain Sect

As he was trailing behind the ancestor, Darren's mind went blank for a while. The moment he regained his consciousness, he came to another space.

A totally new atmosphere welcomed his eyes as well as his other senses. The air was fresh, and luscious green grass spread everywhere. Red bees, blue butterflies, and different kinds of birds flutter their wings in the dancing air. As Darren breathed in, he was enthralled, smelling the air filled with the scent of flowers. This place was beautiful, just like a paradise.

Just a few steps ahead of Darren, the demon-like young man sat down on a wooden armchair, enjoying the sunshine leisurely.

"Although you have become my slave, you have to be punished for disturbing my cultivation before,"

the demon-like young man said in an indifferent voice. Then, a blue flame appeared around Darren and completely wrapped him.


While he stood amidst the scorching flames, Darren could feel that the blue flame was not an ordinary thing. It was burning his meridians.

Fortunately, Darren had high endurance. Ordinary people would have already rolled about with pain—least already died if they were on Darren's place.

"As far as I know, you have entered the Life Forbidden Zone. Unfortunately, I was in a critical period of recovery at that time, or I would go and search that place as well.

Tell me what treasure have you got?" the demon-like young man asked Darren while letting him endure the flames a little longer.

Bearing with the heat and the turmoil, Darren was stunned for a while. He replied slowly, "Master, I got many magic herbs and some Holy Will Crystals. Here they are."

As he spoke, Darren took out a pile of magic herbs and more than ten Holy Will Crystals from his Space Ring.

At the sight of such hefty treasu


"You, go and catch a diabolic beast for me," the young man said, pointing at Darren.

But a moment later, he shook his head and pointed at the Water Kylin instead. "Go and catch a diabolic beast that is close to reaching the Holy Realm. If you did not come back in two hours, I'd crash your Natal Divine Bead."

He thought for a while and felt that the strength of the Water Kylin was stronger; thus, he assumed that he could capture one robust and stalwart diabolic beast for him.

The Water Kylin had been entirely controlled by him, one mistake, and his Natal Divine Bead would be crushed. There was no way for him to resist.

After he vented out his orders, the young man drew a circle in the air, which turned into a ferocious black hole. Then, he directly threw the Water Kylin into the hole.

This space passage was connected to an unknown space filled with powerful diabolic beasts.


Pretty soon, runic lightning flashed around the young man's body, which made him twitch.

The Natal Divine Bead of the Water Kylin he had been holding all this time fell to the ground.

"Master." At the sight of the Natal Divine Bead on the ground, Darren walked towards the young man and pretended to help him up.

"Fuck off!"

the young man shouted at the top of his lungs, which caused Darren to fly away. As he was sent flying, Darren's ribs were broken.

Despite that, his heart rejoiced, for he had gained something from it. The Natal Divine Bead of the Water Kylin was lying in his Space Ring now.

In order not to be noticed by the young man, Darren walked over again and irritated him. Only then would he forget the existence of the Natal Divine Bead.

The young man fanned Darren away and staggered towards a mountain. He didn't notice the Natal Divine Bead of the Water Kylin had been gone from his possession.

After walking for a while, the young man seemed to sense that something was wrong.

He turned around and looked at Darren with his frightening eyes. "As my slave, he doesn't listen to my orders. Is this guy not under my control?"

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