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   Chapter 701 Pretend To Submit Himself To The Young Man

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The Water Kylin had made his point, and Darren thought about it. He thought if he and Hobson had the chance to leave, then they shouldn't hesitate, or else it would be more troublesome if both of them had to stay.

At that very moment, some influential figures flew over.


They all knelt at the sight of the young man. The kowtow was for their show of reverence to the young man.

As stories were handed down from one generation to the next, they had heard legends about the ancestor for a long time, but they had never seen him in blood and flesh. Many people thought that it was something out of thin air; a story meant to scare young children.

Today, however, the ancestor was standing right in their midst. As they bowed their heads low in respect to him, the young man waved his hand lightly. With that, the disciples got up and straightened themselves to be worthy after the ancestor's presence.

"Ancestor, it was these two guys who killed our leader, Jordan. We joined forces with other sects and wanted to punish them. However, they killed many of our strong warriors. Ancestor, please stand for us and kill both of them,"

Moss, who was the leader of the elders, said respectfully.

After hearing that, the young man did not say anything, but instead, he turned around and looked at Darren with fierce and killing eyes.

"Why don't you submit yourself to me?"

Unexpectedly, the young man said so.

"What do you mean by submitting myself to you, sir?" Darren replied in a calm voice, pretending that he could not get his hands on what the young man meant.

"It's very simple, just like you've signed the master and slave bond with this legendary beast. The only difference would be, this time, you are the slave, and I am your master."

After he heard that piercing insult, Darren's heart sank. 'The powerful young man wants me to be his slave, ' he thought.

"You are dreaming, aren't you? How can we become your slaves?" Hobson broke in before Darren was able to say anything.

"Young man, you are overthinking. I only want this bloke to be my slave. As for you, your potentials are too limited, so you cannot become, at the very least, my slave. I will kill you later on to avenge the death of my disciples in the Divine Mountain Sect,"

the young man said indifferently as he smoothed his hair. His eyes were fixed at Darren the whole time.

"Ancestor, I strongly suggest that we should kill that boy and the legendary beast as well. They also killed several masters of our sect," one of the elders said. His purpose was to fuel the ancestor's wrath so he would burn in rage towards Darren and the Water Kylin.

"As a younger generation, don't tell me what to do. It seems so impolite,"

the young man said in a calm voice. He stretched out a snow-white finger and tapped on the elder's forehead.

To everyone's bewilderment, a frightening scene happened. The elder's expression froze, and his body turned into light red powder, floating in the air—gone and vanished in a blink of an eye.

A simple tap killed a master who had mastered ninety percent of the Fringe Holy Will. Darren c

s message.

"I'm faking it. Let's kill him when we find a chance later on!"

"Well, as long as I recover a little bit of control over the Natal Divine Bead, I will blow it up. Even if I cannot kill him, at least I can let you run away," the Water Kylin replied.

"Don't be silly. Don't explode yourself at any time. I don't want to lose you as a good friend again," Darren said, hurriedly. He could not stand losing another friend after the fall of a precious one.

With that, the Water Kylin went silent.

"My little puppy, why are you crying? Don't be afraid. I won't kill you."

The young man touched the Water Kylin's head and patted it like he was rewarding a good dog. It seemed as if he fancied the Water Kylin.

'Fuck you! I'll swallow you sooner or later, ' the Water Kylin swore silently in his mind.

"Ancestor, since you come out and preside over the situation, our Divine Mountain Sect can rule the world."

At this time, Elder Moss came forward, delighted—overjoyed even.

"Fuck off! This place is not the world. When I grasp the legendary skill, I will obtain a real world to show you!" The young man's voice was cold, and the killing intent in his eyes turned into a black hole and shot into the sky.

After saying that, a few light red runes flashed on his body, and he disappeared together with Darren and the Water Kylin.

"Ramon, where is that boy?"

In the southern wilds of the number nine Badlands, the space twisted, and two golden-armored martial artists suddenly appeared.

"He totally disappeared. I cannot detect his presence now," the number two golden-armored law enforcer, Ramon, said, frowning.

"Is he dead?" the number three golden-armored law enforcer, Edward, asked indifferently.

"It is impossible. Darren's strength is not weak. And with the help of his legendary beast, no one can kill him in number nine Badlands," Ramon denied unable to accept the possibility that Darren might be dead.

"How about that man?"

Ramon's expression completely changed when he heard what Edward said, as if he had seen a dead come to life.

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