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   Chapter 700 A Demon-like Young Man

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The Water Kylin jumped to his feet and shouted, "You are lying to me again! How can he reach the level of a holy warrior so easily?"

"I'm serious this time, Water Kylin," Hobson said cautiously.

"If he hadn't become a holy warrior, how could he have been able to leave the Ancient Void Battlefield?" Darren asked calmly.

"Yup, you are right." The Water Kylin was frustrated. It seemed impossible for him to teach Finley a lesson.

"Well, let's get back to business." As Darren and Hobson had been superficially wounded, they recovered as soon as they absorbed some spiritual energy.

"What's bothering you?" Hobson asked.

"Those old bastards wanted to kill us. What do you think we should do?" Darren muttered as he glanced at Hobson.

"I know what we should do! We should kill those old bastards and unite the five major forces," Hobson answered with a sparkle in his eyes.

"Humph, you don't have to worry about them. If we find them, I'll slap each one of them to death." The Water Kylin was already in a bad mood, and he felt more annoyed by what he had heard. As fury coursed through him, he vowed a painful end for each culprit. Only in this way could he vent his anger.

"Water Kylin, what is your cultivation base now? Are you also a holy warrior?"

"Of course, not! Legendary beasts do not have levels like the Holy Realm. Our power is improved by awakening our bloodline. As far as my strength is concerned, I can defeat all men who are at the seven-star Grand Realm. As for cultivators at the inferior holy warrior level, I have a few tricks that will help me fight against them," pride reflected on his face as the Water Kylin replied.

"Stop bragging, and let's go." Darren patted the legendary beast before leaping toward the sky.

Soon, a month passed.

Darren and his companions had searched and killed all the top masters of all forces except the Divine Mountain Sect.

Of course, they only killed the people who had tried to hurt them. They did not kill any innocent disciples or elders.

"Darren, only the Divine Mountain Sect is left now,"

Hobson remarked as they reached a large mountain, and looked up.

"There are powerful restrictions everywhere. Even Water Kylin can't unlock them. It seems that the Divine Mountain Sect's defense is the strongest from among these major forces."

"Damn! It appears as though I am going to have to use my most powerful skill. Watch me."

After attacking the restrictions for a long time, the Water Kylin became genuinely upset as all his efforts w


"Who are you?"

"Young men, why did you attack the Divine Mountain Sect?" The demon-like young man's voice was clear, and he spoke in a calm voice. But there seemed to be an irresistible power in his voice.

"The people of the Divine Mountain Sect tried to surround and kill us. We must take revenge," Hobson said boldly as he swallowed.

"But, I heard that it was you who killed the leader of the Divine Mountain Sect first. And they were simply avenging his death by attacking you," the young man stated as he caressed the Water Kylin's head.

"Do you mean the dwarf? But, he wanted to kill us first. We were just defending ourselves," Hobson explained.

However, Darren stood still and said nothing. He could feel the strong killing intent floating from the man. No matter what they said, Darren was afraid that there was no way to avoid a battle.

"Water Kylin, what's wrong with you? Why are you letting him manipulate you?" Darren asked the legendary beast using his spiritual sense.

"Oh, my God. That person has my Natal Divine Bead. I have no other choice. If he crushes my Natal Divine Bead, I will die," his voice trembled as he replied to Darren.

"Can't you control the Natal Divine Bead and take it back?" Darren asked, using his spiritual sense.

"I tried but failed. I don't know how this person managed to sever my connection with the Natal Divine Bead. He is definitely a terrifying and powerful rule cultivator. Even if he didn't control my Natal Divine Bead, I'm afraid I'm not powerful enough to contend against him.

Master, you'd better leave here as soon as possible. I will find a way to get away after you escape," the Water Kylin replied.

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