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   Chapter 698 The Golden Water Kylin

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 9138

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"Aren't you going to help us, Elder Moss?"

In the face of this frightening aura, even the strong cultivators felt a little scared. Which was why they immediately asked for help from the Divine Mountain Sect's strong cultivators.

Waves of powerful runes soared into the sky forming a huge robe that enveloped everyone.

"Let's kill him together!"

More than thirty powerful cultivators burst out their strongest Fringe Holy Will and fought against Darren's aura of the dragon blood and demonic internal force.

It was apparent that the combined power of these people was too strong. A man weaker than an inferior holy warrior would not have been able to hold it.

Darren's dragon blood aura and demonic internal force quickly disintegrated under the attacks of more than thirty strong cultivators.

However, the black flame's traces had not completely disappeared. They scattered into the heads of several people.


Several old men who'd been unfortunate enough to be attacked by the black flame fell to the ground and rolled around in pain. Their souls were burning painfully.

"Humph, this guy has mastered the soul attack. Hurry up and help them recover." The rule cultivator named Moss, directed the rest of his companions to help dispel the black flame.

Hobson, seeing what was happening, quickly rid himself of his attackers and rushed in for the kill.


Hobson shot out thousands of spear shadows, killing three old men.

"Damn it! Kill him for me!"

The rule cultivators launched all kinds of attacks at Hobson, slowing him down drastically.

Other martial artists' also launched their own attacks at him, so fiercely that they tore parts of his skin apart.

Darren's dragon, who was on the other side flicked his tail, forcing all the people around him back a little. He then flew to save Hobson.


He waved one of his dragon claws breaking one man's head off, and in a flash, he was flying away with Hobson in his claws.

However, the entire Heaven Lake Sect was still covered with the Suppressing Vat, so he couldn't rush out even if he wanted to.

The remaining martial artists and rule cultivators all rushed to attack at the same time.

There were just too many people attacking them. Darren and Hobson had been fighting for a long time and their fighting abilities were greatly damaged at this point. Their chances of survival were now pretty slim.


All of a sudden, Darren heard a yawn as loud as thunder in his ears, which made his heart jolt.

"Where is this sound coming from?

Is it coming from the Ancient Void Battlefield?"

Darren felt around the space for the source of the deafening yawn and found out that it had indeed come from

"Why is the Water Kylin even more powerful now?"

Darren landed on the ground in his human form while Hobson lay unconscious beside him.

Meanwhile in a magnificent palace in the Medium Spiritual World

"My Lord, there is a fierce battle happening in the number nine Badlands,"

a golden-armored law enforcer said as he walked to the center of the palace.

"Really? Are the sinners' descendants fighting over the territory again? Did you find any cultivator that has entered the Holy Realm? If you have, just bring the strong cultivator back here to become a law enforcer," said Lord Donald in a golden robe.

"My Lord, they are not fighting over the territory."

"Then why are they fighting?"

"I found that they are the most powerful warriors of the five major sects. They are working together to attack Darren," the golden-armored martial artist responded.


Lord Donald banged his hand on the seat and stood up.

"What did Darren do to get all five sects to attack him together? Go and help him! It will be a pity if he dies."

"My Lord, didn't you ask us not to help him even if he was killed?"

"What do you know?" Lord Donald stepped forward and said, "Last time you reported to me that Darren, who was only a five-star grand warrior, fought against the man who had acquired forty percent of the Fringe Holy Will. He is much stronger than I had expected. It will be a shame if he dies."

"Yes, I agree with you. Darren is the most talented cultivator in these past thousands of years. I found more information about him. If I tell you, I'm afraid that even you will be shocked."

It was rare for the golden-armored martial artist to speak to the lord in such a tone. But he just couldn't help himself. The news of Darren's expertise and his talent just made him so excited.

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