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   Chapter 697 Siege

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Each one of those surrounding them was quite powerful—skilled and stalwart needless to say.

"As I have told you, there are ten strong guards in the Heaven Lake Sect. You didn't believe me," while saying that in a somewhat whispered tone, Tommy stepped back and sneered.

"So, you're actually stalling for time!" Hobson roared. He was a bit enraged at the moment.

"No, I didn't mean to provoke you at first. But you didn't listen to me. You're digging your own grave. I have to summon the ten seniors to help me."

As he spoke, ten old, yet fierce-looking men all landed on the area. The other inferior disciples retreated away in fear of the seniors.

"Are you really going to fight?" asked Darren in an intimidating gesture. As he looked at the group of mighty warriors, Darren's gaze was as cold as ice.

"Hah! You think too highly of yourself. Would you still call it a fight when ten seniors are against you? That is called slaughter." With a diabolical tone, Tommy laughed grimly. He was eyeing Darren with pity, for he was confident that he would not stand against his oppressors.

"Haha." Darren let out a childish laugh and said, "With the strength of the two of us, even if you besiege us, we can still take time to smash your Heaven Lake Sect into ruins. Do you guys think it's meaningful for your old guys to stay in this Heaven Lake Sect by that time?"

Indeed, with Darren's strength alongside that of his companion, they could smash the land and even kill all the disciples of the Heaven Lake Sect in no time.

"That's none of your business, poor boy. My old friends, take them down! Now!"

one of the old men shouted, and out of the blue, dozens of figures with intense aura appeared, armed and ready to fight.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At full speed, phantoms fell on the ground and surrounded Darren and Hobson.

"Are you the two nonentities who killed our head?" an elder from the Crimson Sea Sect said to Darren and Hobson as he looked at them from head to foot.

"When we can lay our hands on them, then everything will be clear," retorted another elder.

It turned out that these figures who suddenly appeared were the strong elders of the five major forces. They hurried here according to the message received from the Heaven Lake Sect. All of them were super powerful warriors, and they were close to reaching the Holy Realm.

"In order not to destroy my beloved Heavenly Lake Sect. Elder Moss, will you do the honors and start the fight?" When Tommy spoke, he turned his head towards an old man who had a strong aura of a rule cultivator.

As Darren followed Tommy's gaze with his sight, he could say that the old man whom Tommy was referring to was from the Divine Mountain Sect.

"Suppressing Vat!"

the old man, known by the name of Moss, shouted and threw out a large vat, enveloping the entire Heaven Lake Sect.

"Elders from the five main forces come out at the same time. It just fits for the two of you to die," Tommy sneered.

"Darren, th

gered by extreme anguish, Darren roared beastly. In a flash, he transformed into a dragon, which was dark, cold, and powerful. Such a horrible transformation caused the elders to tremble on their knees.

"What! He has turned into a dragon!"

Everyone was surprised and curious at the same time. Never in every elder's wildest imagination had they thought that the man they faced as an enemy had an exceptional skill that enabled him to take the form of a dragon—unbelievable yet true.

"This is not good. His strength has greatly improved. Let's besiege him. Altogether, now!" ordered one of the elders.

Following such stipulation, more than thirty masters dashed towards Darren at the same time. Their majestic Fringe Holy Will kept exploding.

As a recourse, Darren gathered the aura of the dragon blood into the dragon's tail and swept towards them sharply.

Bang! Bang!

The two seniors who rushed in the front were immediately smashed into pieces.

But there were just too many people surrounding Darren. After he killed two of them, all the other people's attacks all fell on him.

One attack after the other, pungent and consistent, blood splattered, and the dragon's scales broke.

Overbore and overwhelmed, Darren was knocked out and hit onto the vat with a loud and eerie thud.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

On one side of the battlefield, with the domineering spear intent, Hobson dismissed everything and rushed to help Darren resist the attack.

"Are you okay?" Hobson asked the moment he reached Darren's side.

By the look of it, despite the fact that much of the dragon scales on his body had been shattered, his breath did not decrease at all.


Following the horrendous roar, Darren's body was surrounded by dark cyan halos. The aura of the dragon blood and the demonic internal force, like the sea waves, covered towards dozens of masters in the opposite direction. A hint of frightening black flame rose and towered above the sky, almost reaching the ether.

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