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   Chapter 695 The Heaven Lake Sect

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"Damn it! I just left the Ancient Void Battlefield, but I'm going to die. I'm so miserable." That was Finley's last thought before he was struck by the black lightning.

However, when he opened his eyes again, he found that the old man was beside him.

The old man appeared to be a little weak at this time. It had cost him a thousand times more of the Life True Rule to resurrect someone at the Holy Realm than what he had paid to resurrect Hobson.

"You've wasted me a large amount of Life True Rule, boy. I'm afraid it will take more than ten years to recover. You cannot leave the Mythological Palace for the time being. Just stay." The old man smiled.

"I almost forgot that you have the superior Life True Rule, ah." Finley's face darkened. The wonderful world and the freedom that he had been looking forward to for a long time was right in front of him. But, he was trapped again. "I can't seem to find any good luck! Although, it appears as though this is just the right time to ask you about the supreme technique of Life True Rule."

"I'm glad to hear that. Your understanding of Life True Rule is superior to Darren's, and you are even better than I thought. You would make a suitable successor.

When the time is right, you can leave here through the emperor's heart. I think ten years will be enough."

The old man was very satisfied with Finley. Considering Finley's skills and understanding, the old man was convinced that he would not meet another great potential successor even if he searched for a hundred thousand years.

"What is the emperor's heart? And can you send a message to Darren so he won't worry about me?" The old man's words had calmed Finley.

"There is a lot to tell about the emperor's heart. We shall speak more about this later. I can send messages for you. Come with me." After saying this, the old man took Finley to the room full of corpses.

In less than ten seconds, the old man had assembled a creature.

"Engrave what you want to say on its back," the old man ordered.

Without hesitating, Finley began etching these words, "I'll stay here for a little while. Expect me to find you in ten years. Finley."

"Oh, I almost forgot. I have to give this to them too. Otherwise, they will struggle to find a way out of the Life Forbidden Zone." The old man affixed a Jade Slip on the dead body's back.

After that, he used his Life True Rule to resurrect the corpse.

Once the corpse was revived, the old man drew a space rune to send it out.

This was the old man's job. He

d every one of my dreams." Ryan gnashed his teeth as he spoke. Extreme hatred reflected in his eyes as he glared at Darren.

"Is he your enemy, Darren?" Hobson asked calmly.

"Yes, he is. I took his Holy Will Pill," Darren said with a smile.

"Hand over the Holy Will Pill, and I'll leave your corpse intact!"

"Don't talk to him anymore, Darren. Just kill him." Hobson didn't want to waste more time.

"Ha-ha-ha! You think that you can kill me? I'll kill you, idiot!" Ryan transformed into a shadow and rushed at Hobson.

"It seems you've comprehended fifty percent of the Fringe Holy Will! You have grown a little stronger since we last met." Darren crossed his arms over his chest and watched the fight with interest.


As soon as Ryan reached Hobson, Fringe Holy Will exploded. Ryan's body stopped in mid-air.

"Brother, why does Ryan stand still? Let's kill these two bastards!" a disciple asked his senior fellow apprentice.

"No need. We don't need to fight against two thieves..."

Before the other disciple from the Heaven Lake Sect could finish speaking, many wounds appeared on Ryan's body, and blood began spurting out.

"Ah, Ryan is dead!" When those disciples saw that Ryan was frozen in mid-air, they used their spiritual sense to detect the breath of Ryan's life.

"Inform the grand-elder!"

Terrified by the thought that Ryan had been killed with just one hit, the dozen disciples immediately dispersed.

"Who the hell are you? How dare you offend the Heaven Lake Sect? Go to hell!" An old man shouted as he approached Darren and Hobson.

"Kneel!" Both Darren and Hobson roared in unison as they released immense pressure on the old man.

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