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   Chapter 694 Palace Escape

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At the moment, Darren felt vibrant.

He seemed to be surrounded by countless mirrors which reflected many colors and light. The entire space was extremely bright.

'What is this place?'

he thought to himself. Darren wondered how he got there in the first place.

He paced around and discovered that the space was actually very small.

'Wait a minute! This is... '

Darren touched the surface of the wall and he felt something unusual.

'An ancient spiritual crystal!'

He discovered that the space was full of ancient spiritual crystals.

'Huh. What happened?' Darren thought. 'Does it mean that I've surpassed the ninth level of the Heaven Degree?'

After Dexter died, he instinctively assimilated his martial arts talent, and then he became like this.

'Finley told me that spiritual energy can be absorbed from a space different from this world as soon as a person reaches the Genuine Domain Degree talent. I must have broken through to the Genuine Domain Degree. That's how I ended up here, surrounded by ancient spiritual crystals.'

Darren felt exhilarated after figuring out everything.

The ancient spiritual crystal was a much better catalyst for Darren's powers than any other common spiritual energy.

Darren plucked out a spiritual crystal the size of his fingertip and tried to absorb it. A burst of spiritual energy spread throughout his body and he felt that it was more powerful than the spiritual energy contained in the purple leaves.

'I should assimilate them.'

Overwhelmed with joy, Darren engulfed the spiritual energy in a crazy attempt. There was a sign that he would step into the seven-star Grand Realm very soon.

The next moment, however, he felt dizzy and disappeared from the space.

"Congratulations, Darren. You have finally reached the Genuine Domain Degree talent. Now, you are as talented as me. It's so great."

As soon as he woke up, Finley approached him with a smile on his face.

"Both of you have the talents of the Genuine Domain Degree? Amazing!"

The short old man beside them was shocked.

Having the Genuine Domain Degree talent implied that the person had the potential of becoming a holy emperor.

"Sir, what is the talent of the Genuine Domain Degree?" Hobson was confused.

The old man went on to explain the Genuine Domain Degre

As long as they didn't do anything to harm the Mythological Palace, the phantom of the first lord's soul would not care about anyone in the outside world, including those escaped the palace.

The body of the phantom began to condense and grew stronger and stronger.

In a flash, Darren transformed himself into a dragon. With his tail, he picked Hobson up and flew toward the crack in the sky.

Darren and Hobson barely zipped through the palm as it covered the crack but they were able to make it outside.

Outside the Mythological Palace

A desert spread out before them with magma bursting out of its crevices, setting the scene aflame. Thick smoke billowed about, making it hard to see anything.

"Where is Finley?" Hobson gasped and looked below him.

The bronze palace lay beneath him, the phantom's hand firmly covering the cracks so that no other could escape.

"Oh my God! He sacrificed himself and now he's trapped in there!

Should we go to save him?" Hobson asked.

"That's impossible. Now that the phantom has recovered, we will get blasted into pieces when we enter. Don't forget that without the old man's help, we can't come back to life again if we die." Darren frowned. He was also worried about Finley, but there was nothing he could do.

Inside the bronze palace, a figure in white was disheveled. He tried to break through the palm, but failed. A few moments later, the Mythological Palace was fully restored.

When Finley tried to rush over again, black lightning struck him and cut him into pieces.

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