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   Chapter 690 Dexter's Attack

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The holy emperor's power had already been weakened by the stone hall but it was still potent enough to wound Darren and Hobson. If it weren't for the old man, they would have already perished.

"No. If it goes on like this, I myself will no longer be able to hold on." The old man's face grew serious. He used his finger to trace a circle in the air which expanded to reveal a hole.

"Get in," said the old man. He quickly entered the void with Darren and Hobson close behind.

After a few moments, the three men emerged from the darkness and found themselves in another stone chamber.

"This is the very heart of the Mythological Palace. We will be safe here unless it is destroyed." With these words, the old man cast a trace of rule power on the mirror wall in front of him.

The wall glimmered and gave off a gentle light. Suddenly, the surface was distorted and the men were met with a gruesome scene.

A golden figure was standing atop the Mythological Palace, brandishing his spear. Every time he would launch an attack, a large mass of land would crumble. The black mountains in the distance continued to crumble and the terrain was dotted with countless gullies that stretched over the whole expanse of the battlefield.

"It's the scene of the battle between the two strong martial artists!" Darren and Hobson stared at the image before them unblinkingly.

"Indeed. This is the only place I can go to see the outside world. To tell you the truth, only the lord is permitted to set foot in this place but I took a chance to bring you two in because everything here has become disorderly." As the old man spoke, he also stared closely at the wall before them.

"Wait. Why are we only seeing one man attack? Why can't we see the other warrior?"

Darren was confused. The mysterious old man was nowhere to be found.

"The emperor's soul cannot attack without being provoked first. Perhaps the mysterious man is too fast to be seen through the mirror wall," the old man explained.

"Wow!" Darren and Hobson were both amazed at the mysterious man's otherworldly speed.

They focused their attention back to the mirror wall and saw the lone shadow launching attack after attack without any hesitation. His power was felt throughout the entire space and made the ground tremble. The terrain continued to crumble and collapse and even the sky began to crack under the pressure of his energy.

Suddenly, an old man's figure appeared on the screen.

At first glance, he did not appear to be powerful. His hair was mussed up and he was covered with dirt and grime. His eyes were dull and muddy and he looked frail.

The emperor'

"Go? I'm now in charge of the palace. It will be easy for me to find you." Dexter gave them a sinister smirk and he disappeared.

The short old man took Darren and Hobson to a small, secret room. At the center of the room, there was a pond filled with blood. Lying in the pool was a corpse of a young man.

"Darren, give the body to your buddy quickly or we will all die. That little bastard has the strength of an inferior holy warrior at the top level." The short old man's face was as pale as a ghost. The attacks he had received hurt him terribly and he knew that it was going to take him a long time to recover and recuperate.

"Okay, I'll tell him right away."

Turning to Finley for help was their only hope for survival.

Darren activated the force of control to connect with the Ancient Void Battlefield.

However, since he had sealed off the Ancient Void Battlefield before, even the force of control couldn't easily penetrate it.

"Damn it! I need it to open right away!"

Darren pushed the force of control hard against the Ancient Void Battlefield. At last, he was finally able to project his spiritual sense inside it.

"Finley, I've found the body of a senior holy warrior for you. Come out quickly!" Darren's voice echoed throughout the whole Ancient Void Battlefield.


In a cave inside the Ancient Void Battlefield, Finley awoke and flew out in a flash.

At the same time, the body of a senior holy warrior also flew in front of him.


A sharp pain suddenly hit Darren square on the back before he could utter another word. He felt as if his spine were being twisted and his bones were being dislodged from their sockets one by one.

"Ha, did you really think you can escape from me?"

Dexter had come.

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