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   Chapter 685 A Dog-eat-dog Fight (Part One)

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"Darren, please tell me what we're going to do next," Hobson asked eagerly.

Darren looked up and thought for a while. His lips quirked up when an idea formed in his head. He turned and whispered a few words in Hobson's ear. The latter smiled with understanding, and the two walked towards the space passage.

When they arrived at the black hall, Darren and Hobson stayed at a spot that was not far away from the space passage. Both of them stood in front of each other at a distance. Darren nodded at Hobson and put his hands above in a fighting stance. Hobson licked his lips and looked at Darren. Not long after, they seemed to be engaged in a fierce battle.

The unparalleled force exploded around them, causing a loud noise.

Hobson dodged an attack. "Darren, will they come?" He didn't want to put up an act of fighting Darren for nothing. If they failed to fall into this trap, wouldn't it all be a waste of time and energy?

Darren's face remained calm and relaxed as he threw one attack after another. "What do you think? If they see us fighting near the space passage, they will have to come to kill us." Hobson looked at Darren in awe. Darren's confidence seemed to be his source of inspiration to put up a bigger act and throw a powerful attack at Darren.

"Okay, let's keep fighting."

Darren and Hobson continued the fight. Half a minute later, someone came over.

The three approached Darren and Hobson silently, preparing to kill them in one move. They didn't know that both Darren and Hobson went stiff for a moment after sensing the presence of three people. That was, however, momentary, and they continued to fight.

"You two have the guts to come out? Now you're asking for death." Harrison sneered as his eyes darted at Darren and Hobson, and his face grew dark. His killing intent soared.

"Humph! I will kill these two assholes with one move using my spear." Arlo also wanted to kill them immediately.

"Wait!" Dexter furrowed his eyebrows a

n of the space passage, preparing to escape.

Dexter gripped the scroll tightly and narrowed his eyes at Darren and Hobson. Just what was in the scroll for which both Darren and Hobson seemed anxious?

He raised his head high with an arrogant look and said, "Humph, you want to kill me? Go to hell first!"

Darren's eyes widened when he saw Dexter's fighting stance. He threw a frightened glance at the space passage. "Sir, please save me! The bastards outside are coming to kill us!"

Dexter frowned and started taking few steps back.

The three people were afraid of the fighting power Darren and Hobson had with the help of the old man.

They would have to hide and improve their strength. When they would be strong enough, they planned to enter the space passage to attack again.

Dexter took Darren and Hobson for granted. He thought even if the two of them were given two or three years, their strength wouldn't improve much. On the contrary, the three of them had just entered the Holy Realm, and they had a lot to improve, and their cultivation base would increase very fast.

Therefore, they were not in a hurry at all. It would be more secure in killing both Hobson and Darren after cultivating about a year.

Dexter took the parchment scroll and fled, and Arlo and Harrison also followed him.

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