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   Chapter 681 Plan For Revenge

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The old man could effortlessly stay alive while fighting all four of them, not even getting a scratch, however he could also not kill any of them. It would be an indecisive battle; no side would win over the other. He was not seeing any end to it, as he had no attacking power himself, so he had to ask Darren for help.

Darren's strength wasn't strong enough. He didn't stand a chance against the holy warriors, and he knew better than to grace the front line of a war that he had no way of conquering.

But fortunately, the old man had mastered the Life True Rule and Space True Rule. He could use them to heal Darren's body and help him avoid the attacks respectively. Once Darren was able to improve his cultivation base again, he would have a chance to kill the four holy warriors.


Suddenly, a domineering spear shadow was shot toward Darren; the sharp screeching sound racing past his ears like knives being grated against steel.

"What?" Darren exclaimed, taken aback. He immediately shot a dark gold internal force toward the spear.

When the two collided, Darren's own dark gold internal force was blown away, as Darren's mind had been when he realized what this meant.

The person who controlled the spear must be very powerful.

But Darren wasn't one to give up. He gave a loud roar, and when he was about to transform into a dragon, he saw a handsome figure standing before him with a smile.

"Ha-ha, Sir and Darren. You didn't expect me to be here, did you?"

The man grinned as he walked toward Darren and the old man. It was Hobson.

He was shrouded by the overbearing Fringe Holy Will, and he exuded a completely different aura. He was not the same person he once was. The change was evident; really hard to miss especially at that level.

"How did you comprehend such a powerful Fringe Holy Will?" Darren asked, surprised. Hobson's current strength was no weaker than that of Harrison and the other sect leaders before they reached the Holy Realm.

It also meant that Hobson managed to comprehend at least ninety percent of the Fringe Holy Will.

"It is all because of Sir and Orval," Hobson replied happily, the smile still dancing lightly on his lips.

Then he told them the reason behind it all.

The scroll the old man gave him was actually a spear skill that was passed down by a senior holy warrior, which contained his dominating spear intent.

Of course, that didn't mean it was all smooth sailing from the get go. It was impossible for him to improve so fast by only obtaining such a piece of spear skill and spear intent.

His growth should be attributed to Orval. When Hobson left the stone hall, he was worried about finding a good place to practice, and at that time, he met Orval who took him to a very mysterious place. That place was a space and time vortex where time was accelerated for a thousand times, yet the outside world remained virtually unaffected.

That was why he could master the profound Fringe Holy Will in a short time.

"Where is Orval? He helps me a lot. Now I'm not afraid of those bastards anymore," Hobson declared, his chest jutting out proudly.

Darren gave Ho

ed you dwarf. What are you going to do then?" Hearing the exchange of threats, the leader of the Dragon Chasing Sect, Arlo, balled his hands into fists, ready to fight with his legendary spear.

"Don't do this, Arlo! At our current state, we can't afford to fight among ourselves. We don't know, maybe the short old man is hiding somewhere, quietly preparing unimaginable methods to kill us. We must find and stop him as soon as possible. Otherwise, our lives will be gone before we know it. Keep in mind that he isn't just any old man; he is the lord of the Mythological Palace and a junior holy warrior. You'd better keep an eye out and be on your toes, always," Dexter, the leader of the Golden Sacred Sect, said, trying to reason with Arlo.

The truth in his words couldn't be denied. If the lord of the Mythological Palace were to hide and concentrate on cultivating the Attack True Rule, the four of them would only be cornered into a dead end after decades of hard work! It would all go to waste.

"Humph, I won't argue with you for the time being," Arlo relented with a deep frown.

Jordan's face darkened, but he didn't say anything and continued to investigate carefully.

About a day later, Jordan had used up almost all of his Spirit Power. He finally found a very unusual place on the remote side of the palace.

"There is a very complicated space passage here. They must be hiding inside," Jordan stated, sounding quite confident with his discovery.

"But how to open it?"

"Very simple. Once I recover my Spirit Power, you three can use all of your power to attack that point. Then I will use my rule power to destroy the space, rebuilding and merging it. This way, the space passage will be destroyed," Jordan explained without an ounce of hesitance.

Three days later

The stone palace began to shake violently, and a black vortex appeared on the stone wall, only to disappear just as quickly, as if something was about to break through the wall.

"Damn it! They are coming!" Hobson's face darkened as he faced the wall, waiting for the attack that was sure to come.

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