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   Chapter 676 Weapon Command Skills

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To reach the Holy Realm was the unfulfilled lifelong dream of many of the wisest and strongest of warriors.

Yet this runty old man claimed that he had only become a holy warrior by accident. In fact, he said that he used to be a farmer. Such an unlikely claim piqued Darren's interest.

"I was nothing special," the old man began when asked to explain. "One day I was just minding my own business, plowing my field, when I dug up a red fruit. I was hungry and thirsty at the time, so I just ate it without thinking twice.

As soon as I'd done so, however, I started feeling very strange—like the earth was collapsing in on itself, or time was unraveling. Ah, but there's no real way to describe the experience. All I know is that it scared the hell out of me at the time. So much so that I hid myself at home for a month. Ha!

In time, however, I came to understand what had happened.

When I ate that fruit, I directly acquired a superior Life True Rule, and my cultivation base reached the Holy Realm as well."

Hobson's eyes shone with fascination as he listened to this. "Wow, that's lucky. Such a boon to your abilities, and all you had to do was eat a fruit."

"Indeed, I am fortunate," said the old man, smiling. "After investigating the matter later on, I became convinced that the fruit had in fact fallen from the outer space. It would be accurate to call it a divine fruit."

"Tell me, sir, where are you from? Does that land still exist?" Hobson couldn't keep the excitement from his voice.

Hearing this, Darren rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on, Hobson. You are a seven-star grand warrior, not a little boy. Don't start getting your hopes up over this."

"Why not?" asked his companion. "What if there are more divine fruits out there, waiting to be found?"

The old man shook his head as the two young men bantered. "Stop daydreaming, young man," he said with a chuckle.

Before it could go on, Darren smoothly changed the subject. "But sir, by the way, if you're a junior holy warrior, why is your fighting power weak? You haven't explained that yet."

"It's very simple. I don't have any attacking skills—never bothered to learn them. I don't care much for fighting and killing. So on the rare occasion that I might need to, I have only my physical strength to rely on.

On the other hand, I'm very good at keeping myself alive. If even a senior holy warrior wanted to kill me, he couldn't do it without his full strength. Can you guess why?" Saying this, the old man raised his eyebrows. He was quite proud of his power.

"Of course," replied Darren. "You have the Life True Rule, so your ability to recover from injury must be incredibly strong. Besides that, you have a Space True Rule, which cannot attack others. So you must be an expert at survival and escape."

The old man nodded. "Quite so. My Life True Rule can almost make me immortal. As long as there is any flesh and blood left of me, even a trace, I can recover on my own from grievous harm. What's more, once I escape into space, even a senior holy warrior will not be able to catch me."

After explainin

ntrating, he gathered his Spirit Power, once again feeling the vitality that surrounded him. As he did so, a warm green light gathered about his wound.

In mere seconds, his arm was healed and good as new.

Watching closely, the old man nodded with satisfaction. "Not bad. You're quickly mastering the elementary skills. But you'll need to work hard and put in a lot more practice in the future. In time, you'll be able to turn what you've learned into a true rule. Then you will go on to achieve great things indeed."

"Thank you very much, sir!" Saying this, Darren cupped his hands and offered a solemn bow.

"You're welcome," answered his teacher. "The Space True Rule is much more complicated than this, however. Since I can't guide you to learn it, I won't attempt to transfer it to you."

Darren nodded. "Yes, that's fine."

The old man went on, "There's one other thing you should know. If you truly master the Life True Rule and reach its maximum potential, supposedly it will render you unable to die. Even then, however, a strong master could still chase you down and beat you, and give you a very unpleasant time. As such, you would be wise to learn the Weapon Command Skill. Such a thing will make a rule cultivator more powerful, for certain."

Darren was confused, as he had never heard of this before. "What is this skill of which you speak?"

"Simply put," his teacher explained, "it allows you to use the divine weapons as if they were your own. More exactly, you can channel the powers of the heavens through your weapons. For rule cultivators, this method is the single most powerful means of attacking. As for arrays and illusions, they are insignificant by comparison, and should only be used for auxiliary purposes."

Darren listened to all this very thoughtfully. It reminded him of the mighty immortals he had seen on the wall before.

He realized then that they had been attacking with the power of thunder, channeling it through their seemingly ordinary weapons. In a reverent tone, he said, "Sir, can you teach this art to me?"

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