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   Chapter 670 The Battle Between The Emperor And The Immortal

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After three days, Darren's Spirit Power made its progress to recovery.

After it recovered, he flew towards a different portrait.

It was a picture of a man with an enormous axe in his hand. His eyes were wide open as if he was glaring at something or someone, but there was nothing in front of the man.

Darren used his silvery eyes to understand and examine the picture carefully.

A figure then appeared in front of the man with the axe in the picture.

The figure had his back facing towards the man holding the axe. His purple robes were so enchanting as if he was a real man, not a portrait.

'This man in the purple robe seems to be stronger than the man with the huge axe, ' Darren guessed.

Suddenly, the picture moved.

The man threw the axe into the air. A large number of runes bombarded the sky and countless stars shook and dropped down.

"Oh!" Darren was startled to the point that he kept retreating back, as if he was on the verge of death once more.

It was not until a while later that he realized it was just a portrait.

Then, he realized that the power of the big fellow with the huge axe was neither inferior to the man nor the woman in the first portrait he had previously seen.

Then, a sword suddenly materialized in the air as the huge axe fell.

The figure in purple robe stretched his hand to snatch the sword from the sky and swept behind the man. The man and his axe were split into halves in a blink of an eye.

"What kind of sword intent is this?"

Darren screamed out in a mixture of shock and panic. The sword intent he had sensed from the young man in the purple robe inside the painting was so formidable that he had never experienced before. The man's powerful sword intent made Darren's sword core in his elixir field nearly break.

'His sword intent is far more superior than the extreme sword intent.'

Darren could not express the strong sense he felt in words. After a moment of thought, he remembered the young man possessed a black and white sword in his eyes, who was Darren's master in name.

'This young man's sword intent is not weaker than the black and white sword intent my master has, ' Darren thought.

Of course, the black and white sword intent that Darren had known was nothing compared to its original force. His master had weakened it when it was in use.

At this point, Darren had realized that the extreme level of sword intent in this world wasn't the ultimate level.

The man in the painting soon broke into millions of tiny runes and fr

od, even if you don't share it with me, I will never complain. But could you please tell me to sate my curiosity?" Hobson pressed. He had noticed that Darren spent a number of time on each painting, so he assumed there must be something extraordinary behind those pictures.

"Okay, though it's very complicated. It's just some records about the origin of these people. They said in the painting that there were the immortals from the outer space and the holy emperors from our world. It's just an incomplete story." Darren had no choice but to make it clear.

"Wow, do tell me!"

Hobson's eyes lit up with excitement. He didn't know what the immortals looked like, but he had heard about the holy emperors and was very interested in them.

"It's nothing, really. I'll tell you about it after we get out of here." Darren shrugged.

"Well then, any ideas on how should we get out?" Darren didn't want to continue with the subject, so Hobson had no choice. He looked at the black land behind him and felt confused.

"Let's go and find the five men who came in before us and see what they'll do," Darren suggested.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed? They will kill us the moment they realize we're here," Hobson disagreed.


There and then, they heard a loud sound from a distance. A few kilometers away, a black smoke rose into the sky. Even from where they stood, Darren and Hobson could see it clearly.

The two wondered what was going on over there, and why there was such event.

Just as Darren contemplated whether or not he should fly over to see what had happened, the red-haired humanoid creature in the portrait behind them suddenly opened his eyes.

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