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   Chapter 669 The Portrait

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Darren shot a glance at Hobson. One stream of blood traveled all the way from Hobson's neck to his fingers, dripping continuously.

"What happened?"

"I, I just looked at the portrait on the wall, and then I became blind," Hobson hissed in pain and stammered.

Darren turned his head back and narrowed his eyes at the scene. He could see a portrait of two people, and every part of it felt surreal. In Darren's eyes, the picture was too vivid. The person making this image must have been a professional, and he didn't feel anything uncomfortable about the portrait.

"I've seen this portrait, and it should have affected me just like it happened in your case." Darren turned to look at Hobson. "Why don't I feel anything?" His eyes landed on the trembling fingers and blinded eyes of Hobson. "You should refine some magic herbs to heal yourself first," Darren said.

Hobson nodded only to find some magic herbs. "I just used my spiritual sense to probe. I don't know how, but I suddenly felt immense pain in my eyes, and I became blind." If Hobson's eyes were fine, he would've looked at Darren with eyes full of worry. He pursed his lips and continued to do his work. He knew Darren would check the portrait too. "Darren, if I were you, I wouldn't try to repeat what I just did." Hobson went silent and began to refine magic herbs to cure his eyes.

Darren looked at the wall again.

The portrait had two figures. One of them was a young man in white with a ruler engraved in ancient runes in his hand.

On the other hand, the second person in the portrait was an exceedingly beautiful woman. Every limb of the woman felt like it was animated and moving in front of him. Darren's eyes fixed on her, and his mind became blank. It felt almost as if she was alive and could jump out any minute.

The woman in the portrait tempted Darren to unleash his spiritual sense to scan her.

He felt a lump in his throat.

The portrait released a strong aura. It sent a chill down Darren's spine. Dizziness washed over him for a moment as if he was drowning in the deep water. His ears could hear nothing but the beep sound.

His mind was utterly absorbed in the portrait of this woman. The more he looked at her, the more she started to allure him. Darren's heart started thudding wildly in his chest. The beauty of that woman seemed to increase ten-fold, and he was unable to look away. It was as if someone had nailed his face on the wall, and his eyes could only see her.

Even if he missed one second, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Her purple clothes felt like waving back and forth in the air. Darren could almost see her smiling that made his heart jump. He had not felt this comfortable and warm since forever. Who would have thought that this happiness was only a small fleeting cover for the portrait to act against him?


The piercing pain in his eyes brought him back to his senses.

Darren covered his eyes and squatted on the ground. His hands started to tremble because of immense pain. He felt a drop of wet blood

uld happen after the previous one. Darren looked at the third picture and confirmed this fact. In the third picture, the divine thunder triggered by the ruler hit the monster, who vanished in a flash.

In the fourth picture, the thunder rushed into the void. The stars exploded and formed a scenery as beautiful as the colorful Milky Way.

"What these drawings show is the power of the Divine Thunder-Manipulating Formula," Darren concluded after reading them.

Under these pictures, there were a few words that Darren could understand.

"This is a rule formula of an immortal. Martial artists can't practice, or they would die immediately.

Even if you are a rule cultivator, you are not allowed to practice unless you have already entered the senior Holy Realm. If you are a rule emperor, it would be the best. A rule emperor can practice hard to achieve small achievements."

Darren's mind went blank when he saw this.

According to the text, the cultivator who wanted to practice this rule formula must be at least a rule cultivator who was in the senior Holy Realm. And he had better be as strong as a rule emperor to achieve little success. What did this mean?

Who was the young man in the portrait? It seemed that the young man didn't give enough face to the emperor.

"It must be a great treasure. I should remember it." Darren used his spiritual sense to keep the words of this rule formula in his mind.

The portrait was finally done, and he blinked twice only to find his eyelids becoming heavy. He kept breathing hard because of exhaustion. Darren got out of the state of silvery eyes and returned to the normal state.

"Darren, what happened to you just now? Why didn't you wake up? You scared me!"

Only then did Darren hear a cry. Darren slipped his stunned eyes at the worried face of Hobson.

"I am fine. I used some special means to observe the portrait, and I am just fascinated by it." Darren smiled lightly, and he cleared his mind to recover his Spirit Power. He had two more pictures to observe.

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