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   Chapter 666 Hurling Curses Towards The Elders

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"You've done them such a big favor! Now look at how he's repaid us! He killed our friends!" Hobson shouted angrily.

"Loser, I agreed to let that brat's friends go but I didn't say exactly how many of them I would let go. If you keep talking, I will have no choice but to kill all of you," Jordan said in a cold voice.

Hearing this, Hobson took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

He was not as strong as Jordan and he knew this. If he tried anything, he would hurt Darren. He forced himself to let go of his anger.

"Listen to me carefully. Stay where you are and don't move. Wait for me to come back," Jordan told his followers.

"Wait!" The leader of the Heaven Lake Sect began to speak. "Are you going to continue keeping my sect elders as slaves?"

"Unseal them all," Jordan roared with anger.

"Everyone, listen to me. You must keep order amongst yourselves until I return. Otherwise, you will be punished," the leader of the Heaven Lake Sect commanded.

They were the strongest members of his sect. It would be a tremendous loss if all of them died.

Later, the other sect leaders gave out the same order. Finally, five of them took the Spiritual Boat and got close to the bronze palace. They drew the blood essence at the same time and threw it towards the bronze hall. Suddenly, the hall flooded with light and they were swallowed up.

Only the elders, Hobson and Darren were left in the desert.

"You two were able to run fast, huh?"

These elders were the strongest men after everyone else had gone. The man who was asking was the elder of the Dragon Chasing Sect, Ivan.

He glared at Darren and Hobson. His eyes shone with anger and malice.

Hobson froze and didn't know how to answer.

"Your grace, we were stuck in a difficult situation that we were not strong enough to overcome. We attempted to escape to see if we can find the sect leader to save you," Darren said, bowing his head out of respect.

"Humph! In battlefield, you are not allowed to escape and find reinforcements. Have I given such an order before?" Ivan kept barraging Darren and Hobson.

Darren was silent for a moment.

He knew Ivan intended to kill them but strangely enough, he did not feel afraid.

With his strength suppressed, Ivan would only be able to give full play to the

u. You are such a coward. Do you think you even deserve my respect?" Darren asked, his anger building.

Hobson stood by in shock. He felt the tension building up.

A moment later, he roared, "Well said! These old dogs treat us as if we were less than human. They force us to kill each other. These animals are far inferior to you, Darren!"

Hobson felt invigorated with Darren's words. He was ready to risk his life. Even if he faced death, he refused to cower in fear.

"What are you looking at? I'm talking about you old dogs! You have no idea how long I have waited to cut you into pieces!

Bow to me!" Hobson kept hurling curses towards them and he felt more joyful with every word that he let loose from his lips. He was no longer afraid.

"You assholes! I will kill you both!"

Ivan was so furious that his veins popped out on his forehead. He rushed towards Hobson in a rage.

Halfway through his dash, a transparent rune thread appeared under his feet. He was immediately tripped. The elders of the Divine Mountain Sect had casted it towards him.

"Ha!" Everyone laughed.

Ivan was livid with rage. He looked back but he didn't know who did it.

"Ahhh!" The more he thought about it, the more furious he became. He then stormed towards Darren and directed all his anger towards him.

"Great." Darren curled his lips into a sneer.

He had the power to battle Ivan now. Even if he couldn't defeat him, he would be able to bring Hobson with him into the bronze palace.

There was nothing for him to fear.

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