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   Chapter 662 I'll Give You A Task

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It wasn't that the master of the Crimson Sea Sect was a weakling. It was just that the pain of soul attack was too much for anyone to bear.

By the comparison, Darren had indeed appeared to be more tenacious.

A man of the sect master's stature could not bear what he was going through and he could not resist the urge to cry out and beg for mercy. Darren, on the other hand, only grunted in pain a few times. His fortitude was impressive!

"No need to waste time. Just open it."

Jordan became quite satisfied with how the master of the Crimson Sea Sect had suffered and he decided it was time to get down to business.

At Jordan's command, the crowd of rule cultivators started to get busy. They began to pile into the ark.

"Get out of here!"

A disciple of the Divine Mountain Sect kicked the master of the Crimson Sea Sect and threw him into the boat. The master of the Heaven Lake Sect was also taken into the boat. The dwarf flew towards them and landed on the bow of the boat.

"Are they leaving?"

Darren, still feeling weak, began to feel anxious. He did not know what to expect now that he saw them beginning to depart.

Darren could not help but think that all the pain and humiliation that he had suffered would be for nothing if they were to leave.

Their purpose was to board the ark with these rule cultivators.

However, because of the pain he had endured, Darren began to harbor resentment towards the elder in the black robe and the dwarf named Jordan. He swore to himself that he would kill the both of them when he got the chance.

To Darren's comfort, the boat came to a halt after it sailed for a while in the middle of the Sea of Sand and Fire.


The whole world shook and all sorts of runes appeared from the rule cultivators.

An ancient jade sword suddenly appeared in the midst of the runes.

The runes began to whirl around the sword as if they were being swallowed by it and they radiated with a strange energy.

A violent gust of wind began to blow all around. The jade sword was shimmering and was enveloped in a bright white light. The earth began to shake violently and tendrils of black smoke rose from the sea below.

"Master, should we offer them up as a sacrifice?"

the old man in black robe asked, gesturing towards the leaders of the Crimson Sea Sect and the Heaven Lake Sect.

"Now is not yet the time." Jordan kept his eyes fixed forward.

"So you want to open it!" The master of the Heaven Lake Sect was aghast and his face turned crimson.

"I am amused it took you this long to figure it out," the dwarf replied drily.

"You are courting death by doing this, Jordan

great that Darren could feel the life draining from his body.

In spite of his agony, he gritted his teeth and moved forward until he was only a few feet away from the bead.

Darren lifted his eyes and saw that a black flame surrounded the bead. Terror seeped into his heart and he was tempted to give up.

However, he knew there was no other way. His friends' lives were at the dwarf's mercy and if he failed, he was certain that they would all be killed.

The black flames danced around Darren and it became increasingly difficult for him to move.

'This flame could burn even my very soul," he thought to himself.

Darren felt the pain at his core and he felt as if even his soul were on fire. However, the robe still offered him protection which allowed him to continue forward, albeit with tremendous effort.

His pain increased the closer he got to the bead.


The runes on Darren's body exploded and his skin began to sizzle. His robe flew open with a gust of air and its edges began to fray.

"This is bad."

Jordan, who had been watching the scene from a distance, was taken aback. If Darren's clothes were ripped to shreds, the boy would surely die. Without the robe's protection, he would not be able to accomplish his task.

"Make sure that that robe stays intact!"

The dwarf ordered all the rule cultivators to unleash their power to keep Darren's robe together. He also used his own power to assist them.

Darren felt relief when he felt the magic surround him and edge him closer towards his goal.

However, he still felt as if his very soul was burning, which made it more difficult for him to move forward.

Even though he was only one foot away, he felt like succumbing to his pain. He could not hold on any longer.

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