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   Chapter 660 The Endurance (Part One)

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Jordan's cold and indifferent gaze landed on the people in front of him, and they shivered. They stood transfixed, rooted with horror as if they had fallen into a bottomless abyss. They were all terrified after realizing that the death was upon them.

"Hold on, sir. I have got some other treasures."

Darren looked at Jordan in horror. His palms had already started sweating.

"Hand it over." Jordan's eyes squinted slightly, and he gave them an indifferent glance. His voice held an irresistible authority.

Restlessness embraced Darren's heart when he saw an unmoved Jordan. Darren licked his lips and continued to stare at him. "If you promise not to kill us, I will give them to you," Darren announced after taking a deep breath.

"Are you negotiating with me?" Jordan snorted and narrowed his eyes at Darren.

"Yes." Darren clenched his jaw and nodded. He didn't have a choice but to pretend to be calm. "I still have dozens of such things. If you let us go, I will be willing to give them all to you. Otherwise, I won't hand them over even if I have to die."

The elder in the black robe, who had been standing beside Jordan, stepped forward. His face became red in anger. "Boy, do you think you can stop us if you don't hand them in? I have a lot of ways to deal with you.

Let's see if you can bargain again after tasting my strike. We can also get the Holy Will Crystals after killing you."

His eyes fixed coldly on Darren, and the elder's palms lit up with runes.

Darren stayed silent for a while. To others, he looked fearless, but his heart wanted to shrink back since he knew it was hopeless to fight both Jordan and the elder. "It's useless for you to kill me if I don't hand them in. Once the spatial treasures are destroyed, all the things will disappear along with them. Don't you know that?" He fixed his cold gaze at the elder in the black robe. He knew that in such circumstances, he had to fake fearlessness. The more f

ction was just a tiny part of what they all collected during these days. It was beyond doubt that Jordan would kill Darren after seeing Darren was not the only one who possessed the crystals.

"But if things go on like this, Darren will surely die," Hobson cried in dismay.

The group fell silent for a while and looked at the agonized Darren, who still tried to remain silent. "We have no choice but to take a bet. After all, in their eyes, Darren's life is worthless. They might not kill him unless they got the crystals."

"Okay, let's continue watching. It seems this is all we could do for now," Hobson muttered. He gritted his teeth and darted his cold eyes at Jordan.

There was a harsh buzz.

Dust particles in the air started to shake violently and rushed at Darren with blinding speed. A wave of strong rune soon followed by and circled Darren.

The rune turned into a ghost claw and began wavering around Darren.

The ghost claw pulled the faint shadow of Darren's soul out of his body. Darren wrinkled his nose and looked coldly at Jordan.

"Finally, you are going to use your soul attack on me? Come on then!"

Darren blinked several times to calm his dizzy head. Although Darren's consciousness was vague, he was prepared to endure the extreme pain that was going to come.

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