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   Chapter 659 They Had No Choice

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Darren and his companions observed for a while before quietly retreating.

"Darren, how about we try to find another way?"

Darren shook his head and said, "We have no other way. Although these rule cultivators are here now, they can't stay forever. Sooner or later, they will take action."

"That's right. We should watch them. Once they move, we will follow them."

After their discussion, Darren and the others concealed their aura and stopped at a safe place about ten kilometers away from those rule cultivators. Every day at the same time, they sent a man to check the situation.

Soon, a month went by. Finally, the people from the Divine Mountain Sect took action.

"They have put away the palace and moved west," said the person in charge of the investigation that day.

"Did you see how many people there are?" Darren asked.

"There are at least fifteen rule cultivators. They carried a palanquin that flashed with some runes when they left. I suspect the leader of the Divine Mountain Sect, Jordan, is inside it. He is a holy rule cultivator."

"A holy rule cultivator?" Darren was surprised.

"It is said that he calls himself a holy rule cultivator. But his real level should not be in the Holy Realm."

"Oh, I'm glad to hear that." Darren was relieved. If the opponent were a Holy Realm rule cultivator, it would be challenging to deal with him. Even if Finley had a holy body, he wouldn't stand a chance in a fight with a Holy Realm rule cultivator.

"Let's see what they plan to do."

Darren and his companions followed the rule cultivators secretly for a few days.

The people from the Divine Mountain Sect marched with their captives, the elders of some other sects, till they finally arrived at their destination.

This place should be a black desert, as well. But for some reason, the desert had burned red and turned into a sea of sand and fire. The heat radiating from it was almost unbearable.

The people of the Divine Mountain Sect stopped at the edge of the Sea of Sand and Fire.

"Make the array,"

a commanding voice ordered from inside the palanquin.

The remaining rule cultivators, including the old man in the black robe, stepped forward.

Runes gleamed on the rule cultivators' bodies. A moment later, several beams of light fell from the sky and danced in the air.

After four hours, the light curtain condensed into an ark that floated above t

he old man in the black robe brightened when he saw the crystal. Then, he ordered his people to take it.

Once in his hand, the old man's fingers ran over the crystal. He smiled.

"It's a Holy Will Crystal of a junior holy warrior!" he blurted out, which shocked the crowd, including the man in the palanquin.

The palanquin door opened, and a short figure stepped out.

He approached the old man in the black robe, who immediately bowed and handed him the crystal.

"This guy is Jordan? He's a dwarf!"

"Fuck! As a small man, he makes a big wave! I'm going to kill him when I get a chance,"

an elder from the Crimson Sea Sect muttered softly.

A pair of eyes fixed on the elder.

The elder was transfixed by the sense of oppression released by the eyes.

The look chilled him to the bone, and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Cold sweat burst out across his whole body. The eyes were terrifying as they seemed like demons who wanted to swallow him whole.

Then, the elder lowered his head and dared not to look at the dwarf again.

A cruel twist grew on Jordan's lips as he grinned with satisfaction. At the next moment, the elder's face contorted with pain. In a flash, his body dissolved into light spots and disappeared.

"He can kill a man with his eyes?! " Darren's heart skipped a beat. He couldn't tell if the dwarf used his Spirit Power or not!

"Sir, what do you think we should do with these bugs?" the elder in the black robe asked respectfully.

Jordan didn't reply. He simply glanced at Darren and his followers as he did with the elder he'd just killed.

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