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   Chapter 652 Look For The Entrance

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All of these red-haired monsters had the aura akin to that of seven-star grand warriors. Even though Darren sounded confident when he said he would deal with them by himself, the others didn't have any faith in him.

"I'll hide you first otherwise you won't be able to withstand the fighting." Darren released a force to lift them up and his speed sped up all of a sudden.

After flying for what felt like forever, Darren looked behind and found out that the red-haired monsters were ten kilometers behind.

"Stay here and don't come out. I will go fight them," Darren said and was about to rush back.

"Hold on, Darren!" Hobson said, holding Darren's hand. "Don't fight now. That will take a lot of time. I think our priority should be to reach the Holy Tomb as soon as possible. Otherwise, all the treasures will be taken away by those old men."

"Hobson is right. It doesn't matter if those monsters are killed or not. At the moment, our focus should be on the treasures. It was you who saved our lives this time. If we get the treasures, you are free to take whatever you want. Then we will split the rest. What do you think?" the man with the map suggested.

"I agree. If it weren't for Darren, we would have died before we could have a chance to get the treasures. I am so grateful to Darren that I wouldn't mind even if he takes all the treasures."

"I have no objection to that either."

"The treasures are supposed to belong to Darren."

Everyone made a sincere statement. Just like they said, without Darren's help, none of them would have survived and proceeded with the quest for treasures.

Besides, even now they couldn't get the treasure on their own. They might be attacked as they continued their journey. So they would still need Darren's protection.

"That's something we will talk about later. We still haven't seen any treasures. Now we have to speed up and find them. We can't allow those old bastards to get there before us," Darren reminded, knowing they shouldn't be wasting any time.

"Okay, we have made a detour so now we should be flying in that direction." The young man with the map pointed in a direction.

"Before we go, I have something for you. This can help you improve your strength,"

Darren said as everyone was getting ready to take action.

Darren wanted to give them some of Seven-holy Fruits to help them regain their strength. By doing so, if they encountered something more dangerous to deal with, they would be able to help him. It wasn't easy to fight alone so he wanted everyone to have enough strength.

"How can we accept your gifts?

weird it contains so many creatures here? I thought it would be bereft of living beings."

"It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters now is finding the treasures."

They chatted as they walked. Soon a collapsed stone city appeared in front of them.

"This place really reminds me of the Raksa Sea. This stone city also has charred marks everywhere. It feels like the entire city was ravaged by fire." Darren looked at the city and sensed some familiarity.

"Could it be possible that this land was from the same era as the Raksa Sea?"

The Raksa Sea was an ancient relic. It had separated from the main land since ages. Due to this, it had managed to remain untouched until today.

"According to the map, this should be the Holy Tomb." The young man looked at the map in confusion.

They couldn't see any plants here on the ground but instead they came across some collapsed stone walls. All around them was only the black barren ground, making it hard for them to find the entrance to the Holy Tomb.

"We've been following the map properly and have reached the destination marked here. The location of the Holy Tomb is very important so there is no way this map is incorrect. Let's go and find out if there is anything unusual about this place," Darren said.

"All right, let's split up. Check everything but don't go too far."

Then they got immersed in the task of searching this place. However, half an hour passed but they were still searching, not having found any clues.

Just when they were about to feel hopeless and defeated, Hobson said, "Hey, I think I found something here!" By chance, he had kicked on something hard. After he shook off the ash on the surface, he found a fist-sized bronze coffin.

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