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   Chapter 649 Monsters With Tiger Heads And Dragon Bodies

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The water was filled with a large number of red-haired monsters, most of whom were as powerful as a six-star grand warrior.


Darren's sword light flickered, and an intense streak of his blade intent shone.

As many red-haired monsters were dismembered, blood gushed out of their bodies and turned the water red.

"My blade intent and sword intent haven't been suppressed too much. They still have the fighting power of a six-star grand warrior." Darren was delighted.

However, he didn't want to waste his time with these red-haired monsters.


As soon as he unleashed his dark gold internal force, it galloped through the water, slicing through all creatures. In a flash, all the monsters in Darren's sight vanished.


The water began to tremble and surge like waves in a violent storm. Soon, a huge water column shot upwards. A red light flashed in its center.

Darren dashed out of the water the second he sensed something unusual.

"It's Darren. He is coming," said the crowd.

At first, when everyone outside the water saw the water column, they felt that something terrible was going to happen. Terror coursed through them when they tried to imagine what was heading their way.

But, when they saw Darren, they calmed down.

The water column rushing toward the sky gradually fell, drenching everyone in icy-cold water.

Despite their dangerous predicament, everyone gasped when they saw the light sparkle in the spray as it disappeared into the purple mist. They had never before seen such beauty.

A red head gradually floated up from the water.

The creature's head was similar to that of a saber-toothed tiger. What perplexed everyone was that his head was covered with red scales. Long red hair sprouted in the cracks between the red scales. Adding to the creature's terrifying appearance were the several horns on its head.

As its body gradually surfaced, the monster fixed its icy eyes on Darren.

'What's that? Is it a dragon or a tiger?' the crowd wondered.

When the crowd saw its appearance, they could not help but feel astonished. This monster had a tiger's head, but a dragon's body. His entire body was covered with red scales and red hair.

But what surprised people the most was its ancient and fierce aura.

As Darren was closest to it, he could feel the creature's aura clearly.

'I can't feel its life energy, but it is alive. This monster must be very powerful.'

Darren could feel the creature's intense hostility toward him, so much so that it didn't even glance at the others.

'A fight is inevitable.' As soon as the thought flashed through Darren's mind, he pre

clearly not in his favor. Darren knew that if he stayed, these giant monsters would kill him. All he could do was escape.

The scales on Darren's body disappeared quickly, and he returned to his original form.

Eight giant monsters suddenly rushed toward Darren. Their open mouths, like black mountains, were ready to swallow him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After releasing his dark gold internal force, Darren used the Air-integrated True Rule.

'It didn't work?!' Darren was astonished.

No matter how hard he tried, Darren's Spirit Power could not manipulate the Air-integrated True Rule. Perhaps, it was because this place was very ancient.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Giant palms released by the creatures smashed Darren's dark gold internal force. The shockwave from the collision rocked the water. Everything quivered as if a big earthquake agitated the surrounding area.

On the surface of the water, the people hiding around the giant's legs were shocked.

As they couldn't see what was happening, the aftermath of the battle underwater frightened them. They could only rely on the giant's legs to avoid it. Otherwise, they would have been smashed to pieces.

What about Darren? How was he?

"Damn it! Darren must have encountered some extremely terrifying monsters."

"Well, the ferocious aura from the creatures underwater is stronger than Darren's scattered dark gold internal force. This doesn't bode well for Darren."

"No, it doesn't. Darren is doomed. Let's run. Quickly!" Hobson shouted desperately.

"Where do we escape to? If we are attacked by the monsters when we are fleeing, we'll die for sure. "

"If you don't run, you will be doomed, just like Darren. We may be safe if we reach the Holy Tomb," said the young man in the front.

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