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   Chapter 647 Looking For The Holy Tomb

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A monstrous roar shook the air.

On his way here, Darren had absorbed a large amount of spiritual energy from the purple leaf. Thanks to the pyramid-shaped object rotating in his elixir field, he had accumulated a large number of demonic internal force and the dragon blood aura.

So the minute the big guy launched his own attack, Darren turned into a dragon.

Had he not done so, he would definitely not be able to win this fight.

The genuine dragon, which was thirty feet long, had power unmatched in this world.

The newly-transformed Darren spun, swinging his dragon tail, and struck the man's mace while it was still in motion. There was an explosion of power as the big guy was blown back a great distance, taking his weapon with him.

The onlookers were dumbfounded to see this.

The man was anything but the weakest among them, and yet this dragon-man had swept him away with ease. Darren's power was terrifying indeed.

They turned toward Hobson and addressed him respectfully.

"Hey, buddy, your junior fellow apprentice sure is powerful," one of them said.

"Who is he? Is he a legendary demon?" Polite though they were, the men were just as nervous. The last thing they wanted to do was offend the dragon which still hovered overhead.

"Humph, how can I explain this to you casually?" Hobson replied coldly as he straightened his clothes. He figured now was the time to put on airs.

"Well, you should've told us how strong your brother is," one of the onlookers said. "Nixon would've thought twice about messing with him!"

Hobson drew himself up. "What, then, are you going to blame me for this?"

The strongest of the men was quick to answer him, "No, that's not what we mean at all! We're not blaming you for anything. In any case, you're welcome to join us! Ha ha!" Saying this, he clapped Hobson on the shoulder for good measure.

Just then, Darren changed back to his normal form and joined them on the ground. He had no intention of killing Nixon Cao, only intimidating him and, more generally, making sure these other people knew better than to mess with him.

"You're welcome to join us," one of the men said, facing him. "What's your name?"

"Darren Chu," he replied without bravado.

"Nice to meet you, Darren." There was a murmur of greetings from the group, and each member nodded at Darren courteously.

Soon after this, Nixon Cao flew back to the scene and joined them.

His clothes were tattered, and he'd taken a fair amount of bruises and cuts. The impact of Darren's dragon tail had left a sunken mark on his chest, which looked particularly nasty.

"I'm sorry to have offended you just now. Let us not fight anymore." Saying this, Nixon Cao bowed toward Darren. Though his apology was not entirely sincere, he wasn't about to sign up for another beating either.

Before Darren could respond, Hobson spoke up in a magnanimous tone. "Think no more of this incident. All is forgiven, and Darren will let you go this

alized that something was wrong. He was being pulled downward by a force that was much stronger than mere gravity.

Looking around, he saw that his companions were being sucked down even faster than him. The strongest young man, in particular—he was falling like an arrow.

This got Darren curious. 'Is it that the stronger one's level, the greater the pulling force?' he thought to himself.

In the end, though, he didn't care very much and just let himself fall for a while.

There was no point in panicking. After all, he was trying to get to the bottom of the canyon anyway.

Soon enough Darren began to hear wet, plopping sounds echoing through the canyon. There was indeed water at the bottom, and the group was beginning to reach it.

"Where is Aldric?" someone exclaimed irritably.

Aldric Wang was the first one who had gone into the mists.

"I don't know. Let's find him and get back on track," replied someone else.

With that, they all dived into the water.

A short time later, before Darren could join them, the other men emerged, dragging Aldric Wang. He was covered in mud and unable to see. "What the hell happened?!" he blubbered as he tried to wash out his eyes and nostrils. "I was suddenly so weakened, I couldn't even pull myself out of the mud! Another minute or two and I might have choked to death."

Before Darren could come closer and try to get a better explanation of what had happened, he fell into the water himself with a wet thump.

Caught off-guard, he sank into the depths like a stone.

A horrible chill spread through his body as he neared the bottom. As he thrashed about, he was shocked to discover that a thickening layer of ice had spread over his skin.

Darren wasn't about to let that stop him. But just as he began to fight his way back up through the currents, he paused, frowning. Difficult as it was to pick out anything by sight, he could swear that he saw a pair of bright eyes flashing away through the dark water.

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