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   Chapter 646 Going Deeper

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"He is the master of the Golden Sacred Sect, Dexter Jin!"

The elders of the Dragon Chasing Sect gasped.

It was said that the master of the Golden Sacred Sect had tremendous strength and seemed to be close to reaching the Holy Realm. But no one knew where he was and few people had seen him except his disciples.

"No wonder the Chief Elder slapped me. What should I do now?"

"What else can we do? It depends on what the Chief Elder does next. We must follow his lead."

The Chief Elder was mortified. His pathetic excuse had embarrassed him enough to bring a blush to his cheeks.

"Old bastard, 'Man proposes but God disposes.' Can you still kill us? What are you going to do now?" Webster asked. He was covered in blood, but he still gave the Chief Elder a ferocious smile, since his master was here for support.

"Webster, why are you so useless? Can't you even defeat an opponent in the same realm as you?" Dexter Jin asked calmly. He wasn't happy that Webster had been defeated by the Chief Elder.

"My Master, I was careless and fell for these despicable people's ambush. Sean has been killed by them. Master, please seek justice for us." Webster's humility was blatant now that his master stood by him.

"Justice! There isn't any justice in the world. Everything follows the law of the jungle. Do you understand?"

After saying this, Dexter Jin waved his hand to the elder who'd just been slapped by the Chief Elder of the Dragon Chasing Sect.

The pale golden light, like dust, shot towards the elder. The elder didn't move at all, but his body started to break into pieces. It turned into grit which was then carried away by the wind.

"The Fringe Holy Will at a hundred percent!"

With a wave of his hand, Dexter Jin had killed a master who had a seventy percent Fringe Holy Will, which was so terrifying. He was tremendously powerful.

'This man is actually very powerful. He might be only a little bit inferior to Mathew and Hanson, ' Darren muttered to himself, shocked by Dexter's strength.

On second thought, Dexter was at most a half step away from the Holy Realm, with the Fringe Holy Will at one hundred percent. What about real holy warriors then? How powerful were they? In addition to the inferior holy warriors, there were also junior holy warriors, senior holy warriors and then holy emperors who reached the Emperor Realm. Their strength must be truly amazing and unimaginable.

Even that mysterious elderly man had reached an unbelievable level.


for the treasure," another person said to Hobson.

"That seems like a good idea. But before that, everyone, can you welcome my junior fellow apprentice, Darren,"

Hobson said as he pointed to where Darren had just landed beside him.

"Welcome?" Someone sneered.

"We thought highly of you to let you join us. Why should we welcome your junior fellow apprentice? Is he worthy? Before this incident I would have killed both of you losers without a second's thought," a big and strong man with a mace on his back roared.

"Hobson, your words were unnecessary. I don't need others to welcome me. It's our fate to meet each other here after surviving such a horrendous battle. Don't say anything disrespectful," Darren said calmly.

"Well, Darren, you are so modest. Though I'm a bit reluctant, let's still join them," Hobson replied, trying to appear like he didn't care whether they joined them or not.

"Don't go too far with the act. That's too much!" Darren told Hobson telepathically with his spiritual sense.

"Of course not. If we don't show off, these people will look down on us," Hobson explained, since he was convinced of his plan.

"Fuck off! Get out of here, or I will kill both of you!" Hobson's words had provoked the man, and incited his fury.

"I am sorry that my brother offended you just now. Please don't mind us," Darren said as he cupped his hands and lowered his head to bow politely to him.

"Who do you think you are? Why should I obey what you say? I don't mind killing the both of you!"

As soon as the big man finished speaking, he employed forty percent of the Fringe Holy Will and swung his mace at Darren's head.

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